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Dr. Bob Lynn, Ed. D

Chief Clinical Advisor

bob-lynnDr. Bob Lynn is an internationally recognized lecturer, researcher and clinician in the fields of Counseling Psychology and Substance Use Disorders. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Senior Fellow in Biofeedback Practice and a global expert in Family and Behavioral Therapies, Dr. Lynn has an impressive forty-year history of providing care for the unique challenges of all age groups including special populations such as adolescents and older adults.

Dr. Lynn completed his doctoral studies at Rutgers University School of Graduate Education and continues to serve as an Adjunct Professor for Rutgers School of Addiction Studies. In addition to holding numerous other faculty positions through the years, Dr. Lynn has an extensive background in developing treatment systems and programs to address substance use disorders in the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

In New Jersey, Dr. Lynn was honored with an Assembly Resolution for Distinguished Record of Public Service for his efforts in the fight against drug dependence. As Chief Clinical Advisor at Origins Behavioral HealthCare since 2012, Dr. Lynn has focused intently on developing treatment systems driven by individual client needs that are informed by research and outcomes. His ability to help restore hope in families overwhelmed with despair through the creation of systems for growth and empowerment that promote long-term recovery may be his most significant accomplishment.

As a pioneer in the field working with those whose lives have been impacted by drugs and alcohol, Dr. Lynn has a passion for client advocacy and the melding of science with 12-Step recovery. An avid sailor and equine enthusiast, Dr. Lynn strives to stay in balance with all that the outdoors has to offer. This, along with his love for family, friends and his work, continues to define his life.



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