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Addiction Today Radio



Hosted by veteran Florida broadcaster Russ Morley, ADDICTION TODAY is a talk radio program devoted to exposing the extent and root causes of drug and alcohol addiction in today’s society, the consequences of non-action, and offers practical and results focused solutions.

Guests include counseling and medical professionals, addiction professionals, pharmaceutical representatives, recovering addicts, political leaders, legal professionals, and law enforcement representatives.

Broadcast Saturdays at 10:30am on WJNO-1290AM and Sundays at 10:30am on WZZR-94.3FM.


Click the links below to listen to past episodes.

7/15/17 – Origins Recovery Centers’ Myers Raymer talked with Russ about “The Difference Between Recovery and Sobriety”.

7/8/17 – Connie Motley, Clinical Director of Hanley Center at Origins was with Russ and talked about how “Opening the eyes of parents to their children’s drug and alcohol reality.”

5/13/17 – Deb Lynskey-Lake, Clinical Director of HeadWaters at Origins, talked with Russ about “Motivational Interviewing, meeting people where they are.”

4/22/17 – Dr. John Dyben, Clinical Director of Hanley Center at Origins talked about how “the disease of addiction is a public health issue.”

2/4/17- TJ Howard, Origins Behavioral HealthCare’s Corporate Director of Managerial Procedures and Policies, talked about aftercare and what to prepare for after treatment.

1/7/17 – Rick Hubbard, Corporate Director of Professional Relations, talked about Step 3 and its relationship to recovery.

11/26/16 – Corporate Director of Alumni Services, Kacy Ritter talked about the importance of selfless service as a path to GRATITUDE in the recovery process.

10/27/16 – Dr. John Dyben, Clinical Director of Hanley Center at Origins was with Russ and talked about how “what we believe about addiction matters, a public health perspective of addiction.”

10/22/16 – Dr. Megan Van Ella of HeadWaters at Origins spoke about the biopsychosocial model of addiction, holistic care and how attending to the biology, psychology, social and spiritual aspects of self is essential for healing.

10/15/16- Special two-part, two guest series on #Addiction Today Radio hosted by Russ Morley. This week’s guests are Hanley Center’s Dan Perzanoski and Professional Firefighters/Paramedics of Palm Beach County, Local 2928 IAFF EVP, Joel Breier. Dan and Joel will talk about First Responders and Recovery, the issues they face including the stress of the job, PTSD, and the solutions for Fire-Rescue personnel and their families dealing with addiction seeking help.

10/1/16 – Dan Perzanoski, Family and Intensive Outpatient Counselor, Hanley Center at Origins, talked with Russ about “Family of Origin – The Roots of Addiction.”

9/17/16 – Tharin Smith, Recovery Advocate Coordinator of Gate Lodge at Origins in Vero Beach, talked with Russ about “Guilt and shame and it’s relationship to addiction and recovery.”

8/27/16 – Madeleine Narvilas, Esq., LMSW, Clinical Advisor of HeadWaters at Origins, talked with Russ about “Post-Treatment Recovery Lifestyle, Life After Treatment.”

8/13/16 – Origins Behavioral HealthCare’s Corporate Director of Admissions, Brad Sylvain talked with Russ about “Searching for a Treatment Center and Finding the Right Fit.”

7/16/16 – Justin McLendon, Director of Transitions at Origins, talked with Russ about “the challenges in treating young adult males.”

7/9/16 – Laura Martinez, Director of PsychoNeuroPlasticity at Origins talked with Russ about “What is Psyconeuralplasticity (PNP) and how it works with addiction treatment.”

7/2/16 – Chris Raymer, Vice President of Recovery Services, Origins Behavioral HealthCare on “Mixed Messages and the 12 Steps” and how that can affect addiction recovery.

6/4/16 – Dr. John Dyben, Clinical Director, Hanley Center at Origins on “Failure to Launch” and how that can effect recovery.

4/23/16 – Origins Admissions Specialist Aaron Colbert discussed getting a family member help, before its too late.

4/2/16 – Hanley Center’s Family Counselor, David Potter, M.Div. discussed the crucial role of family in recovery.

1/16/16 – Origins Senior Admissions Specialist, Stephan Marion, talked about willpower vs, treatment, resolutions and spirituality.

12/26/15- Hanley Center’s Dr. John Dyben sat down with Russ to talk about navigating the holidays, parties and addiction.

11/28/2015- Origins Behavioral HealthCare’s Community Relations Officer, Terry Shapiro, talked about Step Down drugs like Suboxone and Naltrexone and their controversial role in treatment.

11/21/2015- Hanley Center’s Amber Church, Family Counselor, on the stigma of addiction.

11/12/2015- Hanley Center’s Aaron Colbert, Recovery Advocate Supervisor, spoke about the importance of role models, mentor-ship and sponsors in recovery.

11/7/2015- Origins Senior Admissions Specialist, Stephan Marion, talked about Good Treatment vs. Bad Treatment and Good Recovery vs. Bad Recovery.

10/31/2015 – Origins Behavorial HealthCare’s Director of Program Support Services, TJ Howard on Addiction Today Radio. TJ talked about blending the traditional 12 step models of treatment with modern techniques such as biofeedback, auriculotherapy, and EMDR.

8/29/2015  Hanley Center’s, Terry Macho, MS, CAP, ICADC,  talked about the Minnesota Model and the history of drug treatment.

7/11/2015 – Origins’ Corporate Director of Alumni Services, Kacy Ritter discussed the spirituality of service.

7/4/2015 – Hanley Center’s Director of Men’s and Women’s Recovery, Jennifer Goggin discussed Somatic Experiencing, a form of therapy aimed at relieving and resolving the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental and physical trauma-related health problems by focusing on the client’s perceived body sensations (or somatic experiences).

6/20/2015 – Hanley Center’s Clinical Director, Stephanie Smith on Addiction Today Radio talking about trauma and using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) as an intervention that can help addicts and alcoholics address underlying issues.

6/13/2015- Hanley Center’s EVP and Executive Director Rob Park sat down with Russ to talk about the psycho-spiritual approach, the harmonization between psychology (mind) and spirituality (spirit).

06/06/2015- Hanley Center’s Dr. John Dyben talking about the Baby Boomer demographic and spirituality and the role it plays in recovery.

5/25/2015 – Dan Perzanoski, Director of Family and Intensive Outpatient Services at Hanley Center sat down with Russ and talks about the importance of Family Recovery.

5/9/2015 – Dr. Stacy Grossman talks about PsychoNeuroPlasticity and your the brain to form new brain pathways for emotional and mental functions.

4/18/2015- Dr. Dr. Bob Lynn, Ph.D, Chief Clinical Advisor at Origins Behavioral HealthCare, talking about how addiction should be addressed.

4/11/2015- Hanley Center’s Dr. John Dyben talking about the Baby Boomer demographic and addiction.

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