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Would You Recognize a Heroin Addict?

In this two-minute video, meet Rob, an alumnus of Origins South Padre who recovered from addiction at age 21.

Rob came to Origins South Padre after prescription opioids lead him to heroin, one of the deadliest street drugs available. The allure of the substance was so powerful that his family believed he wouldn’t survive. Today, he has a wonderful relationship with his parents and is in school studying to be a counselor.

Here’s How Our Addiction Team Helped Rob

Addiction affects the whole person in every aspect of an individual’s mental, physical, and spiritual life. Origins’ alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers care for the entire individual, not only the disease. We treat each dimension of well-being through comprehensive, integrated treatment.

We offer:

Watch Rob’s story. Then write your own success story. Today is the day to call our addiction specialists at 844-843-8935