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PsychoNeuroPlasticity Protocols for Addictions



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ABOUT THE BOOK: PsychoNeuroPlasticity Protocols for Addictions: A Clinical Companion for the Big Book is a book that represents a tipping point in the translation of addiction science into practical, real-world applications for practitioners. It translates brain research into patient deliverables by explaining how to use the brain to fight addiction and improve recovery outcomes. It does so while embracing the long-standing recovery culture that has been the only source of hope for addicts and alcoholics in the past fifty years.

The contents of the book reveal the transformational aspects of recovery along with the scientific principles of what Dr. Lawlis has coined as “PsychoNeuroPlasticity,” along with many of the barriers to transformation. More specifically it covers brain patterns that relate to depression, anxiety, OCD, mood and even brain development issues noted in premature development of adjustment in young addicts. The approaches are not singular in nature, but cover a wide range of effective modes of treatment, including diet, exercise, meditation, and biofeedback. The reader and treatment specialist will be re-energized by witnessing the changes in patient care, staff training, and outcomes. Digging deeper, however, this book is about hope. Hope that the work of two decades of brain science will finally reach those who need it most; hope that we finally have a tool that will give us a true advantage in the war on addiction; and hope that lives lost to this disease every year will someday be stymied.



“Dr. Frank Lawlis’ revolutionary and inspiring book entitled Psychoneuroplasticity Protocols for Addictions describes the first real evidence-based breakthrough for the treatment of addiction in contemporary times. Providing a clear, usable, and comprehensive set of tasks and protocols, this book is an action-oriented manual for lasting recovery. The merge of science and practice will meet the highest standards of care demanded by the evolving national insurance requirements. Designed for use by all levels of care-giving personnel in an integrated model, Dr. Lawlis addresses body, mind, and spirit to ensure lasting change.”

— Phil McGraw, PhD, host of the Dr. Phil Show and author of numerous books, including “Self Matters” and “Life Strategies “

“Dr. Frank Lawlis has assembled what may be the most important contribution to the field of addiction treatment since the writing of the Big Book of AA. This is an extraordinary link between theory and practice and represents the crossroad between science and recovery! He has built the ultimate bridge between theory and practice in his book by developing a very exciting and clearly written method of applying neuroscience to addiction treatment. This ground breaking work is a must read for counselors, social workers, psychologists, and MDs working in the field of addiction treatment.”

— Bob Lynn, EdD, Rutgers University


Frank Lawlis, PhD, has earned board certification in both clinical and counseling psychology from the American Board of Professional Psychology, Inc. and has been awarded the ranking of Fellow by the APA for his scientific contributions to psychology.

Laura Martinez serves as the Psychoneuroplasticity Director for Origins Behavioral HealthCare in South Padre Island, Texas.