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Psychedelics | LSD & Mushrooms Addiction

We treat a fair number of individuals who identify their primary drug of choice as of the psychedelic variety (LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, mescaline/peyote, etc.) and we have developed a number of distinct protocols for treating those afflicted accordingly.

There exists a great deal of misinformation regarding this class of drugs. Specifically, it is thought they aren’t addictive and while yes, they tend to lack the distinct characteristics of more traditionally addictive chemicals, the notion that they are “ not addictive” is completely false.

Quite simply, while psychedelics can be very euphoric while they are being used, they are all pretty ruinous to the neurotransmitters within the brain long-term (some worse than others; LSD is know to be the greatest offender in this regard). Neurotransmitters promote feelings of happiness and well being and are essential to not feeling anxious or depressed.

So what happens is that with each successive use of a psychedelic an individual diminishes their natural chemical capacity toward happiness until it reaches the point to where they are neurochemically incapable of feeling happy without chemicals and the only time they experience joy is while chemically altered by psychedelics.

While “flashbacks,” are probably something you are familiar with at this point, were you aware that your use of psychedelics also makes you vulnerable to a more sustained and constant form of flashbacks that is a medically recognized syndrome called “Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder?” In those of our clients who have experienced this, we have been told that there is absolutely nothing pleasant about being in the grips of a prolonged flashback and that the most prominent feature of this syndrome is severe anxiety and terror. HPPD is also particularly bad because the only known treatment for it is with benzodiazepine medications like Xanax and Valium which are highly addictive substances themselves and actually some of the few substances whose withdrawal is so severe that it can actually kill you. In other words, it is just much better to quit psychedelics/hallucinogens before you live in a state of HPPD.

We recognize that quitting is no easy feat, but it is key to preserving your mental health, as you have put it at great risk already in using hallucinogens, as they can lead to a whole host of other issues including schizophrenia and, in some very extreme cases, even overdose and death.

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