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Spotlight Series – Preston Satchwell

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Preston Satchwell — Recovery Advocate Shift Lead & PNP Liaison 

preston-2Preston has moved around to a lot in his short life, but he considers three main places in Texas to be home. He was born in Temple, grew up physically in Round Rock, and grew up spiritually in Kerrville. As a recovered addict and alcoholic at a young age, Preston says he is thankful to have a long and happy road ahead where he can share the gifts of sobriety with others. Frequently referred to as an “old soul,” he is known for his monotone voice, gentle demeanor, outrageous sense of humor, cleanliness and organization. Preston does his best to use all of these qualities to enrich the lives of those under the care of Origins.


What brought you to Origins?


Origins was my fifth and final treatment episode and the only place that was able to explain in great detail why some of the common suggestions I was getting in other places did not work on people like myself. A large majority of the staff were teachers with firsthand experience who shared the common ground of being unable to stay sober simply because they had a strong desire to do so. They described a fulfilling and temptation-free sobriety that could be achieved as quickly as I was willing to get it. That was the only type of sobriety I had ever heard about that actually sounded more appealing than death or intoxication. I could tell from day one that I was in a vastly different environment. I had the dream to work here from the very beginning, and I came to work at Origins as a passionate alumnus


If there were only one thing you could tell us about working in the area of treatment, what would it be?


It has always been my greatest pleasure to assure others that the road to recovery is not a vague mystical transaction that can only be gauged by unreliable and transitory emotional upheavals but rather a very simple course of action that delivers upon completion. As a person whose addiction was characterized by years of failure and catastrophe, I was highly skeptical. As a result, I always doubted my own sincerity towards getting well and would give up well before the real work started. After learning about the strange mental twist of addiction, it was comforting to know that it was not what I thought or felt that mattered – it was what I did.


What have you learned through your experience working in treatment?


A quote that I found on my cereal box a few years ago has always stuck with me, and I feel that working in treatment has truly taught it to me. “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.”~ Robert Louis Stevenson


Do you hold any credentials or certifications, or do you participate in any other professional activities outside of work?


The PsychoNeuroPlasticity (PNP) department at Origins has designated me as a liaison for their sleep program. I create guided meditations and teach various natural techniques to help clients fall asleep without the use of medication. Since the program’s inception, sleep medication usage has reduced by 40 percent. I suppose it’s not really an official credential or certification, but if I had my way, I would be able to list “Sleep Wizard” or “SW” after my name as a professional credential.


Are you in recovery yourself? If so, what do you love most about being in recovery?


I have been a recovered addict since February 7, 2012. The thing I have cherished most in my journey is the indescribable fulfillment that comes with it. When I was first getting sober and tried to picture happiness, only material things came to mind. I was completely incapable of imagining the heart-filling gratitude, powerful experiences, and countless bonds of true friendship that were to come. I am often rendered speechless by the things I am able to see and experience now.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Do you have any pets or engage in special hobbies?  


I love making music on my 6-string Martin and 12-string Guild guitars. I enjoy discovering new music, trying new food, making people laugh, learning history, going to antique shops, detailing cars, wandering around the beautiful hill country of Texas, meeting strangers in transit, traveling new places with my girlfriend, and spending time with our son — a fluffy little white dog named Benny. Nothing quite makes me feel in my element like helping fellow addicts. I jump at every chance I get to do so.




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