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Press Interviews with Origins Experts – John Dyben

Dr. John Dyben

Dr. John Dyben interviewed on LSA, a stimulant found in seeds which causes hallucinatory experiences similar to LSD. LSA has been around for centuries but there has been recent incidences of teenagers in emergency rooms getting violently ill with extreme psychotic reactions.


Dr. John Dyben interviewed by KOGO in San Diego on an alarming trend called “drunkorexia”. This dangerous trend, when people skip meals to save calories so they can binge drink, is being seen in increasing numbers on college campuses.



Dr. John Dyben, Clinical Director of Hanley Center at Origins with Kate Delany on America Tonight Radio. They discuss topics how painkillers are killing more people than cars, Prince, and the amazing transformation when one gets well.



Walgreens will be dispensing Naloxone without a prescription. How will Naloxone change users lives? – KURV 710 News talk with Dr. John Dyben.



Addiction, getting well and recovery – Can you recover without being ready? – ESPN Radio with Dr. John Dyben.


Clinician Burnout?  Why are addiction professionals leaving the field? – WILS 1320 with Dr. John Dyben.

Does Naloxone encourage opiate use? – News Radio 630 with Dr. John Dyben.