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Personal Growth As A Lifestyle

Posted on April 17, 2019

Personal Growth As A Lifestyle

In our previous blog post, we talked about the difference between passive and active recovery, as well as the grave danger we put ourselves in when we let our recovery become passive.

Working a program of recovery includes more than a sponsor, working with newcomers, attending 12-Step meetings, and being of service to others.

At the core of each facet of our personal recovery program is a commitment to personal growth, constantly focusing on improving ourselves, humbling ourselves, evolving ourselves, and molding ourselves to be of as much service to others as we can.

Personal growth is not something that we do once in our lives.

Personal growth is not something we do through a self-help book, through a treatment program, or with a therapist, or even in a 12-Step meeting. Personal growth is something we do every single day, through these mediums, through our actions, through our behaviors, and through our self-awareness. We remain teachable, open-minded, willing, and honest so that we can see each area of our lives and our selves where we can continue to grow. Our growth is an ongoing cycle of evolution, a series of ebbs and flows, a lifelong challenge, as well as a lifelong reward. If personal growth were something we only did once in our lives, we would reach a state of perfection- never needing to learn or grow again. Perfection, we come to learn, is an illusion, an imaginary state, a hallucination which can never be brought to reality. If we were to become perfect, we would have achieved a lifetime of work- what else would we have to do with ourselves if we know everything, have achieved all of our growth, and have nothing left to learn?

Choosing personal growth is a difficult and brave choice to make.

By choosing personal growth as a lifestyle, we choose to continuously walk through pain, humility, and suffering. However, choosing the challenging facets of personal growth is choosing the most rewarding facets of personal growth for through humility, through pain, through suffering, we find strength, we find wisdom, we find peace, we find esteem, we find confidence, and, consistently, we find ourselves.



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