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Pain Killers | Opiates Addiction

Thank you for seeking help for your issues with Opioid pain medications. We at Origins have extensive experience with those whose drug of choice is Vicodin, Oxycontin, Dilaudid, etc. We would be pleased to help you to overcome this horrible affliction in our curriculum of recovery.

Opioid pain medication addiction has gained greater prevalence in the past three decades. Pain management specialists, who widely distribute such medications, have continued to gain greater prominence as our population overall gets older and requires more medical specialists who cater to the bodily pain involved in an aging population. As you probably well know, many of the pain medications prescribed for legitimate medical use often end up in the hands of the recreational user rather than the pain management patient.

That being said, it is quite likely when you were initially prescribed such medications you had a legitimate medical need to be on them. The problem is that these medications are very, very addictive and even those who took them initially with no intentions of abuse will often find themselves in a place where the remediation of pain is much less important to the user than the euphoria provided by such pills. If you fall in this category of having legitimate, chronic pain but your use of pain medication has gotten out of hand, please know that we will work with your physician to do all that we can to both control your pain and also address your issues with addiction. We want you to be healthy, and we absolutely do not want you to have to suffer with pain. We also don’t want you to die of a pill overdose which is a very real possibility given how quickly people build up a tolerance to opioid pain medications.

Quite often when clients come to us for pain killer addiction, they have very high liver values and in some cases outright liver damage. This is often because some of the opioid pain medications that are easier to get generally include high amounts of Acetaminophen (Tylenol), which is exceptionally bad for your liver. In fact, it is debatable whether high amounts of pain medications with Tylenol or a half gallon of vodka a day is actually worse for your liver. The good news is that the liver is an amazingly resilient organ and with our excellent, trained medical staff, we will make sure your liver and the rest of your body comes back to health as quickly as possible.

We don’t ever want to come off too strong with a message of doom and gloom, but we have often see people like you whose initial preference for opioid pain medications in pill form has evolved into an actual heroin addiction since they are chemically very similar drugs. Heroin is often found to be a viable alternative because, depending upon your area of the country, it may be much cheaper.

Now, before you scoff at that notion, know that we have seen quite a few people who began taking a few Vicodin for back pain and never would have ever considered something like heroin. Within a few years of progressive addiction, they had a very healthy IV heroin habit. We are not saying this is definitely going to happen, but just know that addiction in any form is both fatal and progressive. Be willing to consider that if you do not seek help now for your pill-based opiate addiction, you could eventually and unintentionally find yourself in the grips of heroin addiction as well.

Opiate Addiction Treatment in Florida & Texas

It is important for us to mention a medication that has risen to prominence in the past few decades or so which is called “Buprenorphine” (brand name Suboxone, Subutex, Buprenex, Temgesic, etc.). It was originally developed to aid the opioid detox process, as it is a weaker opioid that will prevent you from being in complete withdrawal. It will also not produce a high as strong as pain killers. We believe there is therapeutic, short-term use of this medication as a detox medication, but it should be used only under the supervision of a physician and administered by a trained professional. At Origins, you will be permitted to use such medications as part of your detox, provided it is for a relatively short-term period of time and tapered off accordingly. We do not believe these to constitute a long-term solution to addiction, though we recognize that some chronic pain patients may need to be on them longer than ideal.

Opioid pain killer addiction is a terrible and tragic foe. However, we are no strangers to presenting individuals like yourself with the proper recovery curriculum so that you can live the rest of your life free of opioid pain medications.

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