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Methamphetamine Addiction

(Please note that this page is regarding the use of powder or crystal methamphetamine. We have a separate page for addiction to prescribed amphetamine like Adderall, Dexedrine, Ritalin, etc.)

One of our core competencies at Origins Behavioral HealthCare is working with methamphetamine addicts like yourself, in pursuit of long-term sobriety. Your particular drug of choice is exceptionally dangerous. It will eventually kill you, but not before destroying most everything in your life first.

One of the most problematic issues with meth is that, unlike cocaine which requires an exotic plant indigenous to South America in order to make it, meth only requires a handful of chemicals that can be readily located by a motivated rogue chemist. As such, methamphetamine has become quite widely available and for relatively cheap.

As you are well aware, meth-induced delirium is particularly bad, replete with auditory and visual hallucinations (“shadow people”). The bizarre paranoia afforded you by your drug of choice will have you convinced that people are after you and that you need to disassemble your toaster for some bizarre reason. That makes all the sense to you at the time, but is actually entirely crazy.

The neurological ravages of methamphetamines are literally eating your brain away with each and every use. It is debatable whether Ecstasy or meth is more harmful to one’s brain with each individual binge, but either way, methamphetamine use is associated with horrible features of brain damage. Usage reduces your body’s ability to produce dopamine – a neurotransmitter vital to emotional health and wellbeing – until it is almost completely nonexistent which will lead to horrible issues with depression and anxiety, which can progress to even schizophrenia and dementia.

As if that weren’t enough, your dental health is almost surely very poor with use of meth. “Meth mouth” is prominent in all hardcore methamphetamine users (most notably in those who smoke it) and can literally leave a young person toothless with a need for dentures. We work closely with an area dentist of prominence to address the dental issues of our residents. She cites methamphetamine use as one of the greatest public health issues present in the US as far as dental matters go.

Methamphetamine addicts are similar to other stimulant addicts such as cocaine addicts in that their particular drug of choice is devoid of physical dependence. This means that when meth use is discontinued a meth addict will not undergo physical withdrawal like that of an alcoholic or heroin addict. Now for what meth lacks in physical addiction, it quite adequately makes up for in psychological addiction. A meth addict will obsess over methamphetamine, to the detriment of all other thoughts, when they are untreated and without their drug of choice.

Moreover, this lack of physical dependence actually creates the illusion in the meth addict that they still retain the choice to quit meth if they actually were so inclined – “I can quit if I want to… I just don’t want to.” If this were the case, of course, we wouldn’t see such staggering amounts of death due to meth addiction each year.

If you can quit methamphetamine, why have you not done so?

In the end, meth will make you literally crazy, disgustingly skinny and your teeth will rot and fall out; then you will die much sooner than you would otherwise.

That said, methamphetamines produce a feeling we know all too well of euphoria, power and invincibility.

At Origins, we will train you how to live a life without the sensations afforded by meth. You’ll replace those desires with feelings of health, wellness and vitality. All you have to do is give us a call at 844-843-8935 to find out more.

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