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Marijuana Addiction

At Origins Recovery Center we welcome with open arms the ardent pot smoker. We know that often they represent some of the most tragic figures within substance addiction, and they often are completely unaware of it.

First off, let us tell you that you will never hear us utilizing scare tactics with respect to marijuana. While we are completely apolitical and therefore take no stance with respect to whether marijuana should be decriminalized or not, we do recognize that the medical industry has noted marijuana’s substantial medicinal uses. We are in no way opposed to the individual with legitimate medical need (“legitimate” being the key word) using marijuana. For instance, we think a person who would deny a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy the hunger-inducing benefits of Marijuana, is clearly a person more concerned with ideology than the suffering of others.

That said, we are very aware that the majority of marijuana users are not doing so for legitimate medical need; they are getting high. Because Marijuana is viewed as relatively innocuous, it is a substance whose abuse and reliance has gained a relatively high level of acceptance.

It’s true that, compared to most drugs, it is relatively safe. You can’t overdose on it, and the behavior of people while under its influence is relatively peaceful, in stark contrast to other intoxicants like alcohol. But therein lies the rub…

Because it is viewed as relatively harmless, pot heads are allowed to languish in a sedentary world focused around getting high. Because a traditional pot head does not seem to outside eyes to be doing anything to actively destroy their lives, most of their loved ones just come to accept that the pot head is going to overall be a fairly ineffectual person.

We think this is the greatest tragedy. Drugs like heroin and methamphetamine will bring a person quickly to their bottom where they must make some sort of change, whereas a marijuana smoker can remain helplessly aimless for an entire lifetime, completely hindered in their personal growth.

“But I’ve been able to achieve ____________ while being a pothead!”

We hear the above a lot. You may think because you’ve become college educated or because you have maintained a certain job then that is proof of the harmlessness of marijuana; it is admittedly a drug very suited to the highly functioning addict.

Let us pose the following question so that you may answer it honestly for yourself if no one else: “Since you’ve been able to achieve all of these things while in the midst of marijuana addiction, what do you think you could have done if you had not been getting stoned your whole life?”

We at Origins are here to help you find out the answer to that question. Our experience shows that once a marijuana addict is able to get sober and begin functioning at a normal level again, they are amazed at what seems like a completely newfound clarity and ability to thrive without marijuana.

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