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Heroin Addiction

We at Origins Behavioral HealthCare have done some amazing work with people just like you; those unfortunate ones afflicted with an addiction to heroin. We have seen first-hand and experienced the utter devastation that heroin addiction creates.

While you probably already know that fatal overdose is more prominent and likely in heroin users than with any other drug of choice, it is also important for you to know the very real risk this drug poses to your liver; specifically in the form of hepatitis. You do not have to share needles in order to contract hepatitis.

Quite commonly, a lot of the heroin addicts we treat started off taking opioid pain pills or snorting powder heroin and then moved on to injecting in order to try to achieve a more intense high. That said, if you are a heroin addict who does not presently inject, please know you are really no better off than the IV users. In fact, a lot of those who do not inject are actually at more risk because they delude themselves into thinking their method of heroin use (snorting or smoking) is in some way safer than injecting, therefore they are much less careful with dosages. Let us be very clear: There is no “safe” way to intake heroin and, quite frankly, our experience shows that if you aren’t injecting now, that just means you haven’t started YET.

In recent years, as you are probably well aware, a medication called Buprenorphine (Suboxone, Subutex, Buprenex, Temgesic, etc) has gained prominence. It was devised in response to the horrible withdrawal symptoms associated with heroin and other opioid abuse. Basically, these medications are themselves weaker opioids which will prevent you from going into full-on withdrawal but also will not get you as high as heroin. We believe these medications have efficacy as detox medications and our physicians are willing to oversee your use of them as a means of short-term detox. In other words, at Origins these can be used for a brief, finite period in order to ease the discomfort of withdrawal. However we do not believe these medications constitute a long-term solution to your addiction to heroin.

Your drug of choice, heroin, constitutes one of the most dangerous and addictive mood altering substances known to man. The mortality rate associated with heroin use is exceptionally high, and you are putting your life at risk each and every time you use the drug.

The good news is that you have found our website, and we are particularly skilled in helping you to find a new life – happy, joyous and completely free of your heroin addiction.

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