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GHB Addiction

At Origins Recovery Centers we have a unique niche within the treatment of GHB addiction. We realize that for many, GHB has gone beyond being a mere “club drug” taken for a night out on the town: instead it constitutes a very real addiction.

As you know, GHB actually has a number of positive aspects relative to other intoxicants: no hangover, not bodily toxic, doesn’t suppress appetite but rather improves it and highly pro-sexual. Yet it has two very distinct downsides among others. First, it effectively and systematically destroys your body’s natural ability to be happy and without anxiety/panic. Second, it is incredibly easy to overdose on it. In fact, if used highly undiluted it can be easier to overdose on than heroin.

With respect to overdose, there’s very little margin of error when measuring a dose of GHB. There is not a great difference between the amount required for a pleasant high and the amount required to induce coma and death. Since most people addicted to GHB do not make their own, they often have to play a bit of a guessing game with how much GHB to take, which is obviously problematic. Moreover, GHB is notorious for inducing overdose or even death when mixed with other central nervous system depressants like alcohol or pills.

Like Ecstasy, GHB is still a relatively “new” drug and while we can see very clearly from the imaging studies of the brains of GHB addicts that the substance greatly damages the brain’s functions, we have not had enough time to determine the relative permanency or impermanence of this damage. For all we know, the damage done to the brains of GHB users may be irreparable which is precisely why a person needs to eliminate use of this substance altogether.

GHB has proven to elicit some rather nasty physical withdrawal symptoms when its use is discontinued. This experience has been compared anecdotally to alcohol withdrawal. Most often a full medical detox will be required for a heavy GHB user.

GHB addiction is a very unfortunate thing to be experiencing, however the good news is that we have established protocols for treating it that we present to those who come to us for their issues with GHB. If you would like to know more about how we can help you to overcome your GHB addiction, you may call us at 844-843-8935 anytime.

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