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Ecstasy | MDMA Addiction

We graciously welcome abusers of the drug Ecstasy or MDMA. We are very familiar with treating those who like to roll quite often, for great durations of time.

Ecstasy is a particularly dubious beast because while the method of ingestion in pill form is very easy and the euphoric feelings produced are heavenly, MDMA has been shown to do immense amounts of neurological damage. In fact, the condition of the brain of a person who has used MDMA in high amounts for a year’s time, is actually more damaged in total than the brain of a long-term, late-stage heroin addict.

Even more worrying is that since Ecstasy is still a relatively “new” drug, we do not yet possess the same data as far as the long-term effects of neurological damage like we presently have with older drugs like cocaine and heroin. You see, we know that while the brain will eventually heal itself from the damage inflicted by cocaine and heroin after lengthy periods of sustained sobriety, we don’t yet know this to be true about MDMA. In fact, given the exceptionally aggressive nature of the brain damage inflicted by MDMA, a lot of theories presented by neurologists and addiction medicine specialists suggest that the nature of the brain damage done by Ecstasy might be much more problematic in this regards. This means it may take much, much longer for the brain to repair itself from the rigors of Ecstasy abuse, if it is able heal at all.

As an experienced MDMA user, you already know one of the greatest risks involved in taking this drug. It is the street drug most likely to be sold as a fake, and we have received information of some really horrible chemicals being substituted for MDMA in the past. This has gotten so bad, that there are companies who have sought to capitalize upon this by selling test kits so that Ecstasy users can test for the presence of MDMA in the pills that they purchase. The reality, as you know, is that Ecstasy users are generally of the very impulsive variety. If they are faced with a new pill sold under the auspices of being Ecstasy, and they are without their test kit, they will likely just test it by popping it, continuing the same very risky game.

Ecstasy use, in and of itself, is highly problematic. We see quite a few people at Origins Recovery Centers who get to the point where they feel they need MDMA in order to truly have a good time or to feel happy at all. Since MDMA acts directly on the body’s production of one the most crucial neurotransmitters, an Ecstasy addict generally has a substantially inhibited ability to produce Serotonin which leads to severe depression and anxiety.

We know all too well of the agony of being a heavy Ecstasy user. That’s why we would like you to help you get back on the road of learning to be happy without MDMA. If you are ready to talk about your addiction to Ecstasy, then you may call us whenever you like at  844-843-8935.

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