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Crack Addiction

Our doors are always wide open to the crack smokers out there, as we know you unfortunate individuals are facing one of the most intense addictions we have observed. Crack cocaine, quite simply, is an immense beast of a drug that is almost impossible to conquer on your own.

While crack possesses all of the problems associated with traditional powder cocaine, the process of smoking crack cocaine provides a superior delivery system that intensifies the experience of cocaine even more so than freebasing powder. For this reason, crack cocaine has managed to make a horribly addictive chemical even more addictive.

Your crack cocaine use takes a terrible toll on your body, most notably on the central nervous system with a lot of heart attacks being due to abuse of crack cocaine. Severe delusions and paranoia (i.e., “shadow people”) are simply par for the course for an advanced user of crack cocaine.

Much like with powder cocaine, crack is not technically physically addictive meaning that it won’t produce physical withdrawal symptoms when it is discontinued. However, for what it lacks with respect to physical addiction, it more than makes up for in psychological addiction. As you know already as crack addict, there is little you won’t do for more of the drug while you are in the frenzied pursuit of crack.

Crack addicts like you are generally the quintessential, “I can stop anytime” addicts because of this lack of physical withdrawal symptoms. You think that because you don’t HAVE to use in order to just be physically OK (like a heroin addict), you think that means you still retain some degree of power and control of your addiction. This really could not be further from the truth.

Truly, if you could stop anytime, why haven’t you already?

The reason is because you can’t, and you won’t until you are physically separated from access to crack by being in a safe and secure place like Origins Recovery Centers. This is because the psychological addiction factors present with crack cocaine are unsurpassed within the world of drug addiction. When a crack addict is without crack, their mind will compulsively desire crack cocaine to an amazing extent; everything in life takes a backseat to crack. Promises will be broken and morals will be compromised.

At the basis of crack addiction is what we refer to as the “mental obsession,” and you already know this all too well. If you would like to learn more about how you can do work to remedy this obsession of the mind, you can feel free to contact us anytime at  844-843-8935.

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