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Cocaine Addiction

Please note this section is addressed to the powder cocaine addict (whether it is snorted, freebased, swallowed or injected) and while there are of course distinct similarities between powder cocaine addicts and crack addicts, we have created a separate section for crack addiction.

We at Origins Recovery Centers address your cocaine addiction with a distinct tenacity and definite experience with the absolutely deadly effects of this terrible drug.

Presently, cocaine is the most abused stimulant in America and its use does not seem to be subsiding whatsoever. It poses a very high overdose risk and, in general, it takes a tremendous toll on your central nervous system, most notably your heart. While in the midst of a coke binge, if you were to take your blood pressure, you would note that it remains substantially elevated in a troubling area right beneath that of a person experiencing a stroke (unless you do too much and you do actually experience a stroke).

There is a myth afloat these days that cocaine is relatively harmless from the perspective of the physical impact it has on your body. Let us be very clear on this matter: Cocaine is not “safe” for your body. If you want to keep using it because you enjoy the high, then that is one thing, but please do not delude yourself into believing that it poses no risk to your health. It has been well documented that long-term cocaine users who do not die of overdose generally shorten their total length of life by an exceptionally staggering amount of time (10+ years).

Also a substantial amount of misinformation abounds regarding the addictive nature of cocaine, due to the fact that it does not produce a physical dependence like opioids or alcohol. In other words, if a heavy cocaine user chooses to discontinue their use of the substance, they generally don’t experience hallucinations, seizures and elevated blood pressure. That said, for what cocaine withdrawal lacks in physical symptoms it absolutely and entirely makes up for, many times over, with the substantial amount of psychological withdrawal elicited by coming off of Cocaine.

And it is for this very reason why the coke addict is the classic, “I can quit whenever I want, but I just don’t want to” sort of addict. Whereas the heroin addict will reach a point where they really don’t even use anymore to get high, but rather have to use just to just avoid withdrawal, absent this experience in the coke addict, they believe they still retain choice and control over the use of cocaine… but they always seem choose to get high.

We call this the “mental obsession” and it is something you will learn much more about within the curriculum of cocaine addiction recovery at Origins Recovery Centers.

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