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Alcoholism Addiction

Alcohol Addiction | Alcoholism

At Origins, we take great pride in our ability to treat the alcoholic.

While you have perhaps dabbled with other substances during the course of your drinking career, those were mere additions to the liquid elixir that was central to your life in addiction. You always found the greatest comfort in a bottle of vodka, can of beer, glass of wine, etc.

The classic alcoholic tends to fit the following model where an individual’s intake of alcohol progressed from the initial stages of drinking just social amounts, to the intermediate stages of drinking very high amounts and finally to the advanced and late stages where they drink continuously, sometimes for days and weeks on end and with no regard whatsoever for time of day.

Alternatively, we at Origins Recovery Centers also treat a fair number of alcoholics of the binge drinking sort. These alcoholics can often abstain from drinking for substantial periods of time, yet when commencing to drink, it tends to be very intense and in great quantities to a problematic extent.

Whether you are of the classic variety or the binge drinking variety, or some other unfortunate permutation, the tie that binds all alcoholics is the fact that once you ingest an amount of alcohol, you generally have no true idea of when you will actually stop drinking… if at all. Coupled with the overpowering inability to stop drinking altogether, this combination can be baffling.

Quite often, we hear stories of people like yourself who swore to themselves that they would not drink on a particular evening because of, say, an important meeting the next morning. It wouldn’t be long until this resolve lessened to where you decided it was alright to drink but only in limited amounts (“I’ll only have two.”) Unfortunately, you already know how this ends, because once the alcohol hits your brain your resolution to drink in modest quantity quickly dissolves, consideration for tomorrow is gone and in the best case scenario you were just a bit hung-over at the meeting in the morning, whereas often the reality is generally much worse.

How many times have you emerged remorseful after a drinking session with deep regret for your behavior? How many times have you tried to figure out a way to control your anger or emotions while drunk, only to fail yet again? Perhaps you’ve attempted to address this by merely becoming a shut-in and drinking quietly and alone.

And it’s also quite possible that your alcoholism manifests differently than in the behaviors described above. Ultimately, continuing to drink in spite of incentive (negative or positive) to not do so is the defining feature of alcoholism.

Please know that you are not alone in your failed attempts to either temper your drinking or to quit it altogether. Alcoholism is a self-induced central nervous system disorder. It is as real as any other disease, however it’s generally the only disease an alcoholic believes they can cure alone, without the help of others.

If you are in the grips of alcoholism, then you need professional help in order to quit. Please feel free to contact us at any time to receive more information on how we can help you stop drinking alcohol. We answer the phones 24-hours a day, at 844-843-8935.

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