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For the Patient

You can’t quit. You can’t control. We have experienced this. And today we are free from the obsession to drink and use. Many of the staff members at Origins Behavioral HealthCare are in recovery – they’ve made the same journey that you may be on and they’ve emerged clean and sober.

The good news is that Origins can speak with you now, admit you today, and begin the solution the moment you arrive.

Origins provides a seamless integration of clinical, medical and spiritual solutions.

We Understand Hesitation and Fear

When we speak with patients contemplating treatment we frequently hear objections and fears which we can begin to dispel here, but can talk about more in our first conversation.

“I can’t afford it.”

We will work with you on this, whether or not you have insurance. Nothing is more expensive than continuing to drink or use.

“I can’t take the time off from work.”

Many organizations are required to allow you to take unpaid leave from your work in the event of illness and addiction. It is worth investigating with your employer or their human resources department.

“My family needs me.”

Yes, they do. And they likely need you clean and sober. Their primary concern is probably your health and well-being, which we can begin helping with immediately.

“Treatment doesn’t work.”

This is not true as we’ve seen it work in ourselves and for countless others. Are you willing to believe it will work for you and commit to giving Origins’ solution a chance to work in your life?


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