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Transitions Program

iStock_000036794650LargeTransitions™ by Origins is an intensive treatment step-down program specifically designed to provide concentrated clinical and recovery support during the delicate month immediately following completion of Origins’ residential treatment programs. National studies show that relapse rates are highest immediately after discharge from intensive residential treatment. Individuals often lose their way as they go from the treatment environment which offers a great deal of structure and accountability to a sober living home or directly to their own home with little or no support at all. This significant change in therapeutic intensity can be an overwhelming experience that can compromise recovery and result in relapse.

Transitions™ provides recovery support services in a staff-monitored, luxury setting where residents can opt to continue their work with their primary counselor and/or 12-Step Recovery Advocate. This unique blend of clinical and experiential services provides individualized support while clients continue their 12-Step immersion experience. Each resident is given a bicycle with which to explore the island, as well as access to paddle boards and other recreational equipment. Along with five weekly recovery support groups and two individual recovery support sessions per week, clients are guided through the process of living a fun and productive life of sobriety. Life skills, outings and service-oriented trips to a variety of community settings compliment the supportive structure of Transitions. This engaging step-down program offers an extension of The Origins Experience in which newly sober men and women learn to be helpful to others and enjoy freedom from addiction.

Individuals who complete treatment at Origins Recovery Centers are given priority enrollment for Transitions’ programming, although individuals from other facilities may admit following a clinical evaluation.


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