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Transitions Program


Transitions At Origins

Clinically Robust Long-Term Treatment

Transitions at Origins (TAO) is a program specifically designed for young men and provides long-term, concentrated clinical treatment coupled with recovery support during the delicate months of early sobriety. This intensive treatment step-down program offers much needed structure and accountability in a comfortable recovery environment.

Intensive Life Skills Training

Throughout their individualized, clinically driven 3 to 9-month treatment experience, TAO patients are ushered through three phases of programming. These phases are skillfully modeled to promote increasing responsibility and freedom. Each phase of programming is expertly designed with a clinical focus on developing the life skills necessary to sustain recovery. TAO’s training includes meal planning and cooking, educational transitions, money management, time management, vocational support and self-care responsibility.

Key Components of Transitions at Origins’ Treatment Services Include:

  • Three phases of clinical programming
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Life skills training
  • Experiential outings
  • Chemical dependency education groups
  • High accountability standards
  • 12-Step engagement

Emphasis on Accountability

The intimate setting of Transitions at Origins encourages patients to move from addiction to sober, responsible, productive living. With an emphasis on peer-driven accountability, each individual is guided to address the barriers that have led to relapse. By actively engaging in the spiritual disciplines of the 12-Steps, patients learn to face life’s struggles by incorporating the vital tools necessary for sustained recovery.

Fun in Recovery

At Origins, we know that life after treatment should be filled with a sense of camaraderie that many have lost over the course of their addiction. TAO offers a unique blend of clinical and experiential services highlighting the importance of having fun in recovery. TAO’s diverse physical and recreational activities include paddle boarding, beach outings, fishing excursions, cultural activities, outdoor fitness activities and bicycling.

Ongoing Family Involvement

At Origins, we believe that addiction is a family disease. Transitions at Origins encourages families to be active in their loved one’s recovery by attending the Five-Day Family Program. Families who participate gain insight into the ways in which they have been affected by the disease of chemical dependency. Through the Five-Day Family Program delivered at Hanley Center at Origins, they learn the skills necessary to recover from the effects of their loved one’s disease. 


Transitions at Origins is fully licensed by the State of Florida Department of Children and Families by the Substance Abuse Program Office to provide day/night treatment with community housing and outpatient levels of care. We are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.





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