Restored Path Detox in Dallas-Fort Worth

Brief Detox Stays for Safe Withdrawal

Origins Behavioral Healthcare: Restored Path Detox in Dallas-Fort Worth 
Origins Behavioral Healthcare: Restored Path Detox in Dallas-Fort Worth 


Our goal at Restored Path Detox is simple: to assist each patient in safely withdrawing from addictive substances and begin a path to healing. We leverage 35 years of medical detox experience, and our multidisciplinary team has worked with patients of all ages, including young adults, middle-aged adults, and seniors. During the treatment process, we welcome collaboration with referring professionals and welcome your therapist, physician, or attorney, to be a part of the process.

Comfortable Medical Detox in the Dallas Metroplex

Our team provides evidence-based addiction medicine in a tranquil setting so that you feel at home during your treatment. We can assist you in overcoming withdrawal complications regardless of your age, medical history, or substance of choice. 

With a convenient location in Frisco, Texas, we provide a safe sanctuary for healing as well as a state-of-the-art detoxification facility. We are committed to removing any existing barriers to your care and have compassionate physicians and therapists who you are dedicated to helping you get well. Our board-certified physician and highly qualified registered nurses at Restored Path have extensive critical care experience and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to monitor your detox program. 

With decades of experience addressing co-morbid medical conditions and co-occurring mental health concerns, we offer a comprehensive range of services. You’ll be treated as a whole person, wholly capable of healing. 

Supportive Counseling During Your Stay

Restored Path Detox offers supportive counseling groups in order to educate you about substance use disorders and to provide a safe environment where people can seek support for whatever they may be experiencing. We rotate through a variety of topics, including: 

  •  “What is Happening? SUDs, the Brain, and the Body” 
  •  Nutrition in Recovery 
  •  Understanding Guilt and Shame 
  •  Early Recovery Distress Tolerance 

Furthermore, we offer process-oriented clinical groups for you to share your progress and “unpack” your experiences. It is our goal to provide you with these group options as well as other tools that will help you rediscover your sense of purpose and meaning.

We Can Help You Safely Detox

At Restored Path, we offer: 

  • Alcohol Detox 
  • Cocaine Detox 
  • Heroin Detox 
  • Methadone Detox 
  • Benzodiazepine Detox (including Xanax) 
  • Suboxone Detox 
  • Crystal Meth Detox 
  • Ambien Detox 
  • Opioid Detox (including Percocet, Oxycodone, and Tramadol) 
  • Other Drug Detox (including barbiturates, bath salts, K2, THC, spice, and kratom) 

Conveniently Located in the Dallas Metroplex

Located in North Dallas, our beautiful detox center is designed to help you rest and recover in a nurturing environment. We offer many amenities to enhance your physical, mental, and emotional well-being during your stay. We place a high priority on your comfort, so we limit the number of patients to ensure that you receive the kind, personalized attention you deserve. 

Additionally, we provide high-speed WiFi throughout the facility so that you can stay connected to your support system or business affiliates, as clinically appropriate. 

Restored Path Detox is Committed to Collaboration with Our Referring Professionals

Our medically monitored detoxification program was designed to help patients achieve long-term health. Referring professionals are an essential part of this process. From the beginning of the detox process, we welcome all referring interventionists, therapists, doctors, lawyers, and others to become involved. At Restored Path, one of our goals is to ensure your patient’s smooth, comfortable transition back to your professional care. Find out more about our commitment to referring professionals. 

If you or a loved one are struggling with drug or alcohol use, call us today and take your first step towards recovery: 561-841-1296.

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