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Older Adult Recovery

In 1998, our Florida facility became a renowned pioneer and leader in age-specific addiction treatment when it opened The Center for Older Adult Recovery. Today, The Center for Older Adult Recovery located at Hanley Center at Origins offers senior addiction programs specifically for men and women ages 65 and older.

The Center for Older Adult Recovery promotes a transition from substance use disorder to enhanced physical, emotional and spiritual health. While two-thirds of older patients experience early-onset addiction, one-third of older adult addicts suffer from late-onset addiction. Major life changes, such as the loss of a loved one, can send a bereaved person spiraling into maladaptive behaviors and substance use disorder.

Misconceptions about older adult addiction are prevalent. The reality is that the difference between active addiction and treatment can be loss of life. Each patient’s evolving plan of care integrates medical, wellness, spiritual, psychological and possibly psychiatric therapies provided by a highly-credentialed, multidisciplinary team.

Detoxification, sobriety and stability are the first steps in addiction recovery. During treatment, patients begin to regain health, enhance cognition and mobility, and rebuild relational skills. Participation in 12-Step practice offers a design for living that can restore freedom and happiness in the lives of individuals suffering from addictive disorders.

Elements of Older Adult Recovery:
Age-specific treatment for addiction addresses the shared values and experiences of a generation. Each member of The Center for Older Adults’ professional team provides generation-sensitive and compassionate care.

  • Medically supervised, safe and comfortable detoxification follows admission.
  • Thorough clinical, physical, spiritual, wellness and psychological assessments are performed, as well as a medical and personal history of every patient.
  • Older adult recovery is a slower process, because of the natural aging process and concurrent medical, mental and emotional conditions. A preeminent addictionologist heads our on-site medical team of doctors, nurses and psychiatrists.
  • Chronic pain management is individually and successfully treated in individual care plans.
  • Peer group therapy is effective in approaching underlying issues, fostering support and offering inspiration.
  • Wellness may include gentle exercise and nutrition education.

Just as individuals suffer from substance abuse, so do their families. Family members may experience physical and emotional symptoms similar to those of the addict. They can benefit significantly from the education and support offered in Origins’ Five-Day Family Program.


Articles on Older Adults and Addiction

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The New York Times: New Generation Gap as Older Addicts Seek Help– Across the country, substance abuse centers are reaching out to older addicts whose numbers are growing and who have historically been ignored.

The New York Times: More Older Adults Are Struggling With Substance Abuse – An estimated 2.8 million older adults in the United States meet the criteria for alcohol abuse, and this number is expected to reach 5.7 million by 2020, according to a study in the journal “Addiction.”

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