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Men’s Residential Treatment Florida & Texas

Whether consciously aware of it or not, we’ve grown up in a culture that tells men how they should act. From the types of toys marketed toward boys to the type of men pictured in shampoo and shaving cream commercials, most of us have a stereotypical image of masculinity that’s deeply rooted in our minds. This stereotypical man is strong and self-reliant; he is drawn to power, takes charge and isn’t afraid of risks. He doesn’t let things like stress, grief, violence, or pain affect him — he doesn’t cry and doesn’t talk about his feelings.

But this is an illusion. Men experience the same negative emotions as women, and there is mounting evidence that it’s incredibly unhealthy to keep these feelings bottled up. In fact, this can often exacerbate existing mental health problems, including substance use disorders. Men are consistently more likely to develop problematic substance use habits with drugs and alcohol, are more likely to experience hospitalization or death due to overdose, and are less likely to admit that they need treatment for either substance use or mental health concerns.

Gender-Specific Treatment with Male-Oriented Insights

At Origins Behavioral HealthCare, we remove the stigma and provide a safe space where men can find lifelong healing and sobriety. We know that gender makes a difference in substance abuse treatment: men and women have unique pressures and concerns that contribute to and complicate addiction. They also have unique ways of coming to terms with their problems. Our highly-credentialed addiction specialists are trained to address these deeply rooted issues and clear a path for emotional, mental, and spiritual fulfillment in sobriety. Both personally and professionally, we know that carefully designed gender-specific treatment is the best way to do this — which is why we provide top-tier men’s addiction rehabilitation programs at two locations: 

  • Origins Recovery Center in South Padre Island, Texas – Visit Origins Recovery Center’s website by clicking here.
  • Hanley Center at Origins in West Palm Beach, Florida – Visit Hanley Center’s website by clicking here.

Our all-male programming and living arrangements help our patients feel more comfortable opening up, relating to one another and embracing a new, healthier lifestyle free from broader social expectations and, ultimately, addiction.

A Safe, Supportive, Peer-Based Environment

In treating substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health concerns, patients need to feel comfortable discussing serious topics both one-on-one with a therapist and in group settings. It is impossible to expect anyone to be completely honest if they don’t feel a sense of safety and solidarity. Regardless of addiction, this can interfere with a person’s ability to accept and internalize deeper truths or find the motivation to change. Treatment at Origins focuses on a number of topics and behaviors and that are often better discussed and worked through in single-gender settings, including:

Our men’s residential programs create an atmosphere of equality, support, and trust. Our safe and comfortable environment offers a space where perceptions and destructive behavior patterns are challenged and replaced with constructive coping mechanisms. Throughout treatment, men discover the support, honesty and rehabilitation power of a closely bonded and relatable peer group. 

Our Treatment Curriculum

Our residential treatment curriculum is provided at our two men’s treatment centers in West Palm Beach, Florida and South Padre Island, Texas. These programs are fully customizable and tailored to each patient upon admission. Patients stay in our programs for varying lengths of time, depending on their needs and how they progress through treatment. 

Treatment for substance abuse usually begins with detox, a phase of physical healing in which all traces of drugs or alcohol are eliminated from the brain and body. Our residential treatment provides an initial onsite detox program for all appropriate clients. After physical sobriety is achieved, patients can move on to full-time holistic care which includes multiple therapeutic modalities provided on a daily basis.

Our Methods and Modalities

Our treatment curriculum is crafted specifically for men and their concerns. The men in our programs participate in recreational therapies, evidence-based therapies, and group and individual therapies while benefiting from peer interaction and support. We also utilize the time-tested 12 Steps to encourage them to learn how to be honest about feelings and experiences. This release is liberating emotionally and spiritually, and helps men improve their emotional communication skills which in turn makes them better partners, sons, and friends; gives them a stronger command over their emotions and advances their lives chemical-free.

Group and Individual Therapy 

Group and individual psychotherapy remain the most effective treatments for a wide range of mental health concerns, including substance use disorders, anxiety and depression, personality disorders, and eating disorders. At Origins, our expert therapists leverage a variety of traditional and cutting-edge evidence-based clinical modalities during individual and group sessions. Our group and individual therapeutic modalities help our patients engage in the deep internal work necessary to recover and become the men that they are capable of being.

Along with traditional talk therapy that encourages emotional exploration and discussion, our clinical group and individual therapies are aimed at uncovering and altering problematic behavior patterns and thought processes, changing responses to life stresses and nurturing the strengths that combat addiction. Some of our therapies include: 

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Motivational Interviewing

Recreational Therapies

It’s essential that our therapies are engaging — without a patient’s active participation, there’s no progress. Our recreational therapies incorporate methods like physical activity, teamwork, improvisation, and other tangible actions to get the men in our programs involved on more than just an emotional level. Recreational therapy is a core component of our programming for men because these techniques allow participants to feel less inhibited and experience the therapeutic effects in the moment. Our recreation therapies also take advantage of our warm and sunny locations in West Palm Beach, Florida and South Padre Island, Texas, both of which have ready access to beautiful natural resources. Some of our recreational therapy activities include:

  • Outdoor adventure therapy
  • Team-oriented games and trust activities
  • Problem-solving initiatives

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Origins offers a full range of levels of care for adult men, from detox and residential treatment to outpatient care. Participants in our men’s residential treatment program also receive specialized care planning services — as you draw near the end of your program, we work closely with you to ensure that you have a sustainable plan in place for ongoing care. We know that it’s possible to heal from substance abuse and live a fulfilling life without relapse, and we are here to provide the kind of care that makes this possibility a reality.

Origins Behavioral HealthCare also offers gender-specific treatment for adult women, as well as age-specific treatment for men and women over 65. We also provide executive and professional treatment services through our Headwaters program.  Learn more about our locations in South Padre Island, Texas, and West Palm Beach, Florida:

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