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Men’s Recovery

Origins’ Dual Diagnosis and Addiction Treatment Programs for Men

Designed specifically for adult men, Origins’ addiction treatment programs are grounded in our core mission to deliver effective systems of treatment which harmonize the latest in evidence-based addiction medicine and sophisticated clinical intervention with an immersion in time-honored 12-Step practices.

Beginning with 90 days of highly-individualized inpatient treatment, Origins’ nationally-recognized programs continue after discharge with Transitions (a treatment step-down program) and clinically-supervised Sober Living. Taken together, these stages offer a less intense, customizable continuum that can last up to 18 months. Designed for individuals with a history of relapse and complexity, our programs are for sufferers and families who know they need more than the traditional 28-day model.

A multidisciplinary approach to treatment allows Origins’ diverse team of medical and clinical professionals to effectively treat addictive illness and dual diagnoses. It is essential that coexisting problems like depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, panic disorders, insomnia, disordered eating, personality disorders and other mental and physical illnesses are competently identified and treated simultaneously along with addiction to optimize successful outcomes.

Origins places each patient at the center of a dynamic treatment team comprised of our chief psychiatrist, internal medicine physician, psychologists, expert psychiatric nurses, licensed addiction counselors, masters-level therapists, 12-Step experts, gourmet food services personnel, life skills mentors, ministerial support volunteers and more. Origins’ experts collaborate with each other to provide integrated treatment planning and cutting-edge care throughout a patient’s stay.

Origins’ gender-separate treatment philosophy is based on professional experience and clinical data that support that the separation of males and females into their own milieus can substantially improve outcomes. It is believed that men are able to be more emotionally authentic when not motivated to “posture” for a female audience, compete with each other for female attention or worse – enter into a “rehab love affair.” Importantly, gender-separate treatment helps create an atmosphere of equality and support where men are able to improve how they relate to each other, learn to model acceptable behaviors and participate in a sense of camaraderie that is lacking during active addiction.

Our treatment curriculum is crafted specifically for men and their issues. We educate our clients while exploring important topics such as healthy relationships (with men and women), parenting, sexual conduct, beliefs and behaviors, career and productivity issues, inadequacy, self-esteem, past trauma and more. Origins’ therapists leverage a variety of clinical modalities during individual and group sessions to help our patients engage in the deep internal work necessary to recover and become the men that they are capable of being.

The therapeutic foundation of our programs include techniques such as:

  • Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • EMDR
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Animal-assisted Therapies
  • Sports-based Experiential Therapy
  • Psychodrama

These high-impact therapies make up the fabric of our clinical culture. They help us facilitate the positive change we seek in our patients.

Competent discharge planning and aftercare arrangements are critical when successfully transitioning from treatment. Origins believes in treating addiction like any other chronic illness; that means ensuring our patients are appropriately supported into the future. Participation in ongoing, adequate levels of support is vital to maintaining abstinence and blossoming in recovery after treatment. Origins provides a variety of post-discharge recovery support options and works with reputable therapists, 12-Step contacts, addiction physicians and others to build a constellation of support for each alumnus.

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