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Private Client Suites – The Path to Healing

Hanley Center at Origins’ Private Client Suites are an extraordinary, residential, client-centered, clinically-driven option for a discerning clientele of high net worth individuals and those in the professional service sector. Our clinical staff draws on a deep understanding of the unique circumstances, needs and requirements of this exclusive clientele. Our approach incorporates a seamless integration of leading-edge addiction medicine and rigorous clinical science with immersion in the proven 12-Step recovery culture and personal spiritual practices. Client capacity is carefully restricted to assure a high staff-to-client ratio.

We believe that the client and family are one. Both suffer the effects of addiction. And both are equally vital in developing a path to recovery that depends on building trust and understanding.

A Quiet Place for Rest and Recovery

Elegantly-appointed private client suites are “home” for our clients when they are not involved in clinical treatment. The intimate, peer-based setting and type of amenities provided are intended to enhance the environment and make clients feel at home. The comfort of the suites is designed to support the intensive clinical work clients must undertake – not the client’s social status. A high amenity environment helps individuals rest, reflect, share openly and stay focused on their recoveries.

Treatment Philosophy

Our program encompasses two tracks: individuals of high net worth and licensed professionals for whom addiction is a threat to their livelihood, such as physicians, entrepreneurs, lawyers, pilots, therapists and dentists. For clients and their families, we draw on the full range of treatment modalities available to develop an individualized program that meets their unique set of requirements and needs.

Our mission is to foster a safe, private and purposeful environment where clients and their families may recover comfortably and effectively.

We embrace the 12-step recovery culture. We believe a balance between psychotherapeutic clinical work and the 12-step process represents the best path to recovery. Our clinicians are trained in both perspectives, and they are well versed on how best to introduce 12-step recovery to this client population and integrate it successfully.

We’re committed to supporting long-term recovery. The client’s multi-disciplinary clinical team, in consultation with family and referents, will develop a continuing care program that is customized to that client’s needs.

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