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Overview and Philosophy

The treatment philosophy of Origins Behavioral HealthCare represents a seamless integration of contemporary addiction medicine and clinical sciences with a profound immersion in the timeless 12-Step experience. With over 35 years of providing addiction and recovery services, Origins’ drug and alcohol treatment programs have focused on the holistic recovery of individuals and their families.

Co-occurring physical and mental conditions are common factors in addiction. This is why Origins Behavioral HealthCare comprehensively address the individual medical, psychiatric and psychological needs of each patient with a full-time staff of professionals. One of the most prevalent factors that occurs with addiction as well as other destructive lifestyles is the erosion of the brain function. One of the primary needs is the underlying healing of the negative neurological patterns and the successful transformation into new life and awareness.

Hanley Center at Origins is a pioneer in age-specific treatment for Older Adults and Baby Boomers. Patients discuss aspects of their generation’s culture and factors of aging that may have aggravated their drug use. Strong peer interaction is an important part of treatment and recovery.

Likewise, specialized treatment requires dedication by a highly-skilled, clinical team that recognizes addiction affects gender groups differently. We offer client-driven care. Clients in need of gender-separate or gender-specific treatment receive it. Our centers provide safe, respectful and nurturing places where both men’s and women’s progress is supported by peers and staff. Education about the disease of addiction and relapse prevention is integral to each patient’s treatment plan, and distinct programs allow men and women to discuss the needs unique to their gender group with minimal distractions.

Our Family Programs have become catalysts for life-changing recovery for both the patient and their family members. These intensive programs support our treatment philosophy which centers on the belief that evidence-based, cutting-edge treatment for patients must be matched with caring services and connections for their families.

Aftercare upon discharge is equally important. Staff and patients work together to design continuing care plans, and remains in personal contact with the patient for 12 months.


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