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Intensive Outpatient Programs

Origins Recovery Centers’ Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for men and women ages 18 and older includes personalized, comprehensive, 12-Step addiction treatment and psycho-education with the flexibility to fulfill personal and vocational obligations.

An individual’s intensive outpatient experience begins with a holistic physical and mental evaluation by Origins’ multidisciplinary treatment team to determine the severity of the substance use disorder.  IOP is a structured program, requiring a minimum of six weeks of treatment including three required groups and one individual session per week, for a total of ten weekly hours.

Your multidisciplinary treatment team includes highly skilled Certified Addiction Professionals. New patients may require medical detoxification. Ancillary psychiatric and psychological services are available, and individual sessions with your primary specialist are scheduled at least once weekly. Group therapy is the focus of a weekly schedule which includes a multi-family group.

Specialty groups help peers process and bring focus to generation and gender issues, and they teach new skills in problem solving as well as relational skills.

Origins’ Intensive Outpatient Program includes a number of specific group therapy sessions:

  • A process group addresses early recovery issues.
  • A psycho-education group addresses a range of topics including post-acute recovery.
  • A relapse prevention group explores relapse thoughts and behaviors while helping individuals develop their own relapse prevention plan.
  • A spirituality group helps define core spiritual principles including honesty and courage.
  • A men’s/women’s group provides a safe forum for gender-specific issues.
  • The family group takes place for identified family members with topics that include communication and family system support.

12-Step meetings are encouraged as part of the intensive outpatient program. They not only offer support but also afford an anchor for life in sobriety.

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