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Intensive Outpatient Program

Conducted at our West Palm Beach, FL campus, Origins’ Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) offers an eight-week program that provides comprehensive treatment for individuals suffering from addiction. This Intensive Outpatient Program is an opportunity for patients to seek treatment for their disease while continuing to fulfill their commitments to family and career.

A Counselors Dedicated to Your Care

During their time in Origins’ IOP, each patient is assigned a primary counselor that will facilitate the entire medical, psychological, psychiatric, social, family, and spiritual assessment process. These compassionate counselors work directly with our patients through the course of their treatment in various groups and weekly individual sessions. Each patient will attend and participate in three evenings of intensive therapeutic and psycho-educational groups.

Features of Our Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program:

  • Individual therapy once per week
  • 24 group sessions where patients can expand their support system
  • Group topics include therapy, psychoeducation, and 12-Step facilitation sessions
  • Random urine drug screens (“UAs”)
  • Discharge planning

Who Is Appropriate for Origins’ IOP?

Many of our patients in IOP have attended Hanley Center’s for residential treatment. Our IOP program is also appropriate for individuals stepping down from a higher level of care at the facilities, and for those who need help with addiction but have been determined to be safe to first try treatment at this level of care. At this level of care, we expect patients to be off of detox medications, medically and psychiatrically stable, and in an action stage of change.

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