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Assessment Participants

Origins’ Seven-Day Assessment Program is provided to adults (18+ years of age) who are unsure whether or not they suffer from the disease of addiction. This assessment occurs prior to their commitment to enroll in an addiction treatment program.

Assessment participants will begin a series of evaluations soon after they are admitted into the assessment program:

  • Medical/physical examination
  • Examination of substance abuse and physical history
  • Mental, spiritual and wellness evaluations

Family members also may provide valuable input during the assessment process.

We offer client-driven care. Throughout their stay, assessment participants are welcomed to gender-specific or gender-separate residential treatment units where they participate in counseling sessions focused on psychosocial parameters, wellness and spirituality. This “set up” allows participants to transition more easily into a residential addiction program at Origins, if necessary.

Origins’ Seven-Day Assessment Program serves as a stepping stone for treatment and recovery. The program offers a safe and comfortable evaluation process for participants along with the knowledge that customized care is available to them to meet their distinct needs.

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