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Assessment FAQs

How does Origins Recovery Centers determine the appropriate program for each patient?
Evaluations and assessments are provided for all patients to help establish the appropriate addiction programs and treatments. We offer client-driven treatment. Age-and gender-specific or gender-separate residential and outpatient programs are available.

  • When a patient is admitted for residential treatment, comprehensive evaluations for medical, mental, emotional and spiritual health will be made.
  • Initial assessments may determine the need for medical detoxification which can then be implemented on site.
  • Origins’ professional, multidisciplinary team includes nurses, physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and specialized wellness, addiction and spirituality therapists.

How does the Seven-Day Assessment Program work?

This program was developed to provide comprehensive evaluations for people who are unsure about the extent of their addiction and whether further treatment may be required.

  • Medical detoxification may be necessary upon admission.
  • The patient is assigned to the appropriate age-and gender-specific program during the assessment period.
  • Evaluations are used to diagnose any substance abuse, medical or mental health disorders with recommendations for continuing care when appropriate.


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