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Age-and Gender-Specific/Gender-Separate Options

Age-Specific Treatment
Origins Behavioral HealthCare offers comprehensive, individualized treatment programs for adults, Baby Boomers and Older adults. We understand the unique challenges each age group faces when battling addiction.

Our experience has shown that clients have better outcomes when grouped according to life experience levels and personalities. We refrain from assigning specific age-ranges to any of our programs. Instead, we defer to the judgment of our multidisciplinary team of specialists regarding where a client may best be placed for ultimate recovery success.

We offer client-driven care. Clients in need of gender-separate or gender-specific treatment receive it.

Boomer Recovery

Older Adult Recovery

Women’s Recovery

Men’s Recovery

Gender-Separate Treatment 
Origins’ gender-separate treatment philosophy available at our Texas facilities is based on professional experience and clinical data that demonstrates the separation of men and women into their own milieus can substantially improve outcomes.

For example, it is believed that men are able to be more emotionally authentic when not motivated to “posture” for a female audience, compete with each other for female attention or develop rehab-based romantic relationships. This creates an atmosphere of equality and support where men are able to improve how they relate to each other, learn to model acceptable behaviors and participate in a sense of camaraderie that is lacking during active addiction.

Gender-Specific Treatment

The men’s and women’s programs in our Florida locations are all gender-specific. Our Baby Boomer and Older Adult residential programs are co-educational with gender-specific groups.

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