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Origins Recovery Centers Announces an Expansion of its Continuum of Care

Posted on September 3, 2009

Origins Recovery Centers, a leading drug and alcohol rehab based in Texas, announced today that it has expanded its continuum of care with the addition of Origins Sober Living Facilities in major US markets.

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) 1, September, 2009 – Dallas-based Origins Recovery, LLC announced today that it has expanded its continuum of care to include Origins owned and operated sober living facilities in select markets.

Origins’ flagship drug and alcohol rehab in Texas is located on tropical South Padre Island, Texas. The Company is opening its second campus in exclusive Westchester County, New York early in 2010. The addition of affordable sober living to Origins’ scope of services allows the Company to ensure that its clients are receiving exceptional care in the critical “step-down” phase of their recovery after discharging from Origins’ intensive primary residential program.

Admission to the Origins Houses is limited to alumni who have completed their intensive residency at an Origins Recovery Center. “Origins success with its clients is based in our philosophy of engaging them in a year-long continuum that begins with intensive ninety-day residency at our Centers and gradually decompresses over time into staffed sober living, therapist-facilitated alumni groups and various monitoring and case management components,” said Ben Levenson, Chief Executive Officer of Origins.

“Origins’ staffed sober living offers a seamless continuation of the exact same recovery disciplines and programming our clients experienced while in residency at the Centers, but in a more flexible environment. By operating the houses ourselves we provide a very fluid transition into quality sober living–a point in the recovery process where many lose their way,” he said.

Each Origins House will be staffed by a counselor (LCDC or equivalent) who is responsible for managing the curriculum. Unlike most sober living environments which are peer-governed and have no programming in the house, Origins Houses are staffed environments with demanding programming in the house, including scheduled groups and activities.

The Origins Sober Living staff also provides daily accountability of important personal recovery practices like prayer and meditation, meeting attendance, 12-Step work and job activity.

“More frequently than ever, clients with multiple treatment episodes in their past are being referred to Origins because we offer lengthier, more robust and cohesive programming,” said Peter Marinelli, Chief Recovery Officer at Origins. “Families and therapists know when they refer to Origins that the individual is going to be guided along a defined path of wellness much different than average treatment centers can offer in the short 28-day model. For addicts and alcoholics who have demonstrated an inability to stay sober, Origins is a natural choice in high-quality, longer-term care,” said Marinelli.

Origins is dedicated to facilitating successful outcomes in the clients and families it serves. Several nationally-funded studies have concluded that individuals who participate in a 90-day residential program followed by aftercare, including sober living, show a substantially increased likelihood of achieving sustained abstinence compared with individuals who only receive 28 days of treatment.

“What is abundantly clear is that individuals with a history of chronic relapse who have repeatedly been to 28-day programs and failed to stay sober can benefit greatly from a longer-term program,” said Levenson. “Please don’t send that chronically-relapsing client back for more of what did not work. Origins Recovery Centers is committed to being a comprehensive option for disheartened families and therapists. Our residential programs give clients the time and depth they need to develop and habituate the disciplines essential to lasting sobriety while also working through accompanying issues. Origins Recovery Centers provide a genuine opportunity for residents and families to become whole, healthy and happy again,” he said.

Questions about Origins’ innovative recovery programs in Texas and New York may be directed to admissions specialists by calling 561-841-1296.

About Origins Recovery Centers:
Origins Recovery, LLC operates premier gender-separate residential recovery centers and continuing care services for adults who are seeking lasting freedom from alcoholism and/or chemical dependency. Origins’ mission is to assist residents in developing the core spiritual practices required to maintain permanent sobriety and experience abundant and meaningful lives. The company has meticulously selected only the finest properties in premier locations around the United States, including Coastal Texas and the New York countryside. Learn more and take a virtual tour at originsrecovery.com.