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Origins’ Medication Guide for People in Recovery


This guide is a basic primer on medications which people in recovery should treat with care. This guide is broken into two sections. The first contains drugs which should avoided in
recovery (Class A), and the second contains drugs which should be used only be used under the supervision of a doctor (Class B).

Please remember that this guide is only intended as a quick reference and never as a substitute for the advice of your own personal physician. It is essential that you inform each of your doctors, dentists and other health care providers of your substance use disorder history so that medications can be prescribed safely and appropriately. Never discontinue or make any changes in the doses of medication that you may have been prescribed. Doing so may result in unexpected problems such as withdrawal reactions, which in some cases can be life-threatening.

As sober people, we are responsible for our own recovery.

Drugs to Avoid During Recovery – CLASS A DRUGS

Drugs that are Safe to Take During Recovery – CLASS B – With Addiction Medicine Specialist/Doctor Approval Only