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How Origins Changed My Family

In March of 2014, Origins Recovery Center changed our daughter, Jessi, and our lives forever.


We were blessed by the miracle of appearing on the Dr. Phil show, and him offering to send our daughter to Origins. We were also blessed to have Ben Levenson there to support us through the process of leaving our daughter to be taken to Origins. Origins knew exactly what how to handle Jessi, as she was an alcoholic and bulimic. We were able to keep up with her treatment and were so impressed with the staff and programs. The staff truly fought for our daughter and loved her through the process. Her counselor was a God-send to her and us, and to this day, I know she still cares for our girl and our family.


We were also blessed to be able to attend Family Week at Origins. Boy, did that ever change our lives! My husband and I learned so much about addiction, and the toll it took on our family. So much healing took place that week. One of your speakers, Jeanie Griffin, had such awesome information that changed our thinking towards addicts, and made us want to help addicts.


South Padre Island (where Hannah’s House by Origins is located) is so beautiful, and it was just the setting that Jess needed to get healthy. We are now celebrating 32 months of sobriety, and yes, we celebrate monthly. Jess is taking what she has learned and is using it daily by working with other addicts and speaking when asked. She is following her program. We thank God daily for putting Origins into our life, but wish we knew about this place sooner.


Thank you soooooo much for all you give, and the lives you are saving. We plan on use all that we have learned from Origins to help other families that are suffering. We are blessed!


-Joy, grateful mother of a Hannah’s House by Origins alum

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