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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (September 29, 2015) – Origins Behavioral HealthCare, a national leader in the field of substance abuse treatment and recovery programs, is expanding the range of quality care it offers in South Florida with the opening of HeadWaters at Origins. The new “executive residential treatment program” is specifically designed to serve a discerning clientele of high net worth individuals and licensed professionals suffering from addiction.

HeadWaters at Origins is based at a private, elegantly appointed residence overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway in Palm Beach County. Medical treatment will occur at the ultra-private The Palms Medical Detox on the campus of Good Samaritan Medical Center. The intimate, peer-based environment and first-class cuisine, accommodations and amenities at HeadWaters is deliberate. It’s designed to make clients feel at home in order to best support the intensive work they must undertake.

The executive treatment program will serve both high net worth individuals and also licensed professionals for whom addiction is a threat to their livelihood, such as physicians, lawyers, pilots, therapists and dentists. The approach is an evolution of Origins’ evidence-based model of clinical, medical and spiritual treatment designed to meet the special needs of this target client group.

The HeadWaters at Origins treatment program is based on the most current research that supports long-term recovery for this population and is focused on the individual needs of clients and their families. A multidisciplinary, high staff-to-client ratio assures that the diverse needs of each client can be met.

“Treating addicted individuals of substantial means and social prominence presents its own inherent set of socioeconomic challenges to recovery. Our staff has a cultural competence with this segment of the population and is well versed on the needs and boundary issues they may encounter,” said Drew Rothermel, CEO of Origins Behavioral HealthCare. “Our clinicians have particular expertise in establishing trust and a therapeutic alliance with this particular group, which is often heavily defended and insulated from many of the consequences of addiction.”

Madeleine Narvilas, Esq., LMSW has been appointed Executive Director of HeadWaters at Origins. As both attorney and therapist, Narvilas brings a unique combination of skill and experience and combines her love of clinical and legal advocacy on behalf of those suffering from addictions and co-occurring conditions. She has extensive experience treating executives and professionals, previously opening two similar programs in South Florida and East Hampton, NY. Prior to joining Origins, she served as clinical consultant/expert witness to a London-based residential care provider, representative to the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council, therapist to survivors and families of victims of the September 11 terrorist attack through the New York City Department of Mental Health, and Assistant District Attorney for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

With more than 35 years of addiction and recovery experience, Origins is nationally known for the scientific rigor and success of its evidence-based therapies and its holistic approach to the recovery needs of individuals and their families. The HeadWaters program incorporates a fusion of cutting-edge addiction medicine and rigorous clinical science, with immersion in proven 12-Step practices. Origins’ PsychoNeuroPlasticity (PNP) Center will apply techniques for cognitive restructuring that use the brain to fight addiction and help address co-occurring issues, such as depression and anxiety, thereby improving chances for long-term recovery.

“At HeadWaters at Origins, we believe a balance between psychodynamic clinical work and the 12-Step process presents the best path to recovery. Our clinicians are trained in both perspectives, and they are well versed on how best to introduce the 12-Step recovery to this particular population,” said Narvilas. “Successful recovery requires a lifestyle change, and we’re committed to helping every segment of the population find community support and spiritual renewal.”

To learn more about HeadWaters at Origins please visit https://www.headwatersorigins.com/

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