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Origins Behavioral HealthCare Announces Opening of Origins Center For…

(May 2nd, 2019) – ORIGINS BEHAVIORAL HEALTHCARE is proud to announce the opening of its new health psychology department, Origins Center for Brain Recovery (CBR).


Origins Center for Brain Recovery, an innovative program designed to facilitate healing, health, and wellbeing of the whole person, will be nestled inside of Origins’ residential treatment centers and will immediately begin offering services to its patients in West Palm Beach, FL. Beginning with comprehensive psychological testing, Origins’ licensed psychologists and specialists will usher each patient through a variety of techniques designed to contribute to brain health and function. Such offerings include neurofeedback, neurotherapy, biofeedback, meditation and mindfulness training, and other experiential therapies.


The addition of this new service is crucial to the growth of the addiction treatment industry because, though we have long known that the brain is the primary organ involved in addiction, addiction treatment has largely not addressed the brain directly.  By utilizing cutting-edge technology and taking advantage of an ever-improving knowledge base, CBR will provide opportunities for people to heal at more fundamental and foundational levels, beyond simply treating symptoms.


“CBR’s new programming is influenced by the field of Health Psychology and the discipline of psychoneuroimmunology (PNI),” said Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. John Dyben, DHSc, MCAP, CMHP. “These disciplines recognize that human beings are not separate sets of independent parts (heart, lung, brain, etc.) but rather an incredible system made up of smaller, interdependent systems. When people suffer from addiction, all of these areas become compromised and unhealthy. A healthy brain is imperative for all other areas of health, and so we believe that this set of scientifically oriented mind-body-spirit interventions are the next natural step in the expansion of our services.”


This shift marks a significant commitment to innovative, evidence-based behavioral medicine. To learn more about Origins Center for Brain Recovery, visit www.originsrecovery.com/brainrecovery.



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