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Opioids Are A Leading Cause Of Death

Posted on April 1, 2019

You are more likely to die from an accidental opioid overdose than a car accident, as a human being living in America in 2019.

Look at that sentence again. You are more likely to die from an accidental opioid overdose than a car crash. For the first time in history, a different accidental cause of death has surpassed car crashes. According to the National Safety Council, “In 2018, an estimated 40,000 people lost their lives to car crashes,” which was a slight decrease from 2017. According to NIDA, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 47,000 people died from overdose on any opioid kind of drug in 2017- the 2018 information has yet to be released at the time of the publication of this article.

The National Safety Council’s report, which revealed such a startling statistic, cited a bleak and terrifying future for the nation’s youth, not just our present state. Anyone born in 2017 has a greater chance of dying from an accidental opioid overdose than a car accident. We aren’t at just at risk now. The severity of the opioid epidemic in our country has already affected our future- who are currently two years old or younger. In addition to leading causes of death like cancer and heart disease, opioid overdose is now in the top five causes of loss of life.

This is more than a drug addiction problem, a law problem, a regulation problem, or a manufacturing problem.

Opioids have become a serious threat to human life, a weapon against our ability to thrive, and a direct destroyer of life.

Everyone who falls under the grips of opioid addiction has the ability to recover. Each and every person who becomes addicted has the ability to find a different way of living while healing their mind, body, and spirit. It starts with a phone call, the right treatment plan, and a team dedicating to helping you change your life.


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