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New Year, Fresh Perspectives



Drew Rothermel – President and Chief Executive Officer

nyeThe New Year offers a chance to adopt fresh perspectives and revive previous commitments to both personal and professional values. During this contemplative period, we are quietly empowered to reflect on the experiences of the past year, while preparing to wield the knowledge we have gained for the year to come. Through this gift of perspective, we are able to nurture both internal and external changes that will aid in building the legacy that we plan to leave. No matter what form they make take, the New Year is marked by resolutions of all varieties.

For those in active addiction, resolutions may not be enough to sustain recovery.

Those who have battled against addiction can attest to the difficult dilemma presented with the ongoing resolution to quit “once and for all.” Promises made on New Year’s Eve may be an all-too-familiar exploit. Mustering all of his or her will power, the addict who clamors for sobriety may make yet another annual pledge to take a firm stand against addiction. These courageous pledges are often doomed and most fail to materialize; the toll of the fatal progressive illness captivates the mind and pulls the addict into yet another devastating bender.

Family and friends who have stood by the suffering individual also know the flashing hope of recovery.

Many family members will recognize the familiar encouragement of a loved one’s promise to quit for good, while anticipating the next relapse. Still others will approach the resolution of a loved one with rising confidence, while remaining in denial of the costly addiction that is sweeping through the family unit. Whatever the circumstances, the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions may be a subject that incenses intense emotions for all involved. Those of us on the firing have seen the dire consequences of broken promises. From a professional standpoint, we are called to confront the surmounting difficulties presented by these resolutions, and are given the opportunity to support not only the addict seeking recovery, but their family members, as well.

Examining these stories in relation to our clinical programming has propelled us to reaffirm the compassion of our core values while analyzing our expanding constellation of care in new and quantifiable ways.

The provision of superb medical and clinical services within the 12-Step paradigm remains steadfast at the heart of Origins’ mission. Gender and age-specific programming will endure as our company’s focus as we continue to deliver quality residential care at each one of our respective facilities. Our renewed commitment to our gender-separate treatment programs in South Padre Island, Texas is but one product of this reflection. Coupling this commitment with an evidence-informed perspective has also given us the opportunity to enhance the exceptional nature of our programs. After extensive research and collaboration with various partners and leading insurance carriers, Origins has decided to retool our approach in 2016, not only to embrace significant impending marketplace and regulatory changes, but also to leverage our unique body of outcome data in order to lead the field into a new paradigm of financial accountability for patient outcomes.

As treatment providers, we are called to face the epidemic of addiction by diligently working to break down the ongoing barriers faced by those seeking help.

How our society views addiction, treatment and recovery is rapidly evolving, though the stigma associated with addiction remains a powerful force. The options for individuals and families seeking help are plentiful, yet the standard of exceptional quality care is not yet available to all who seek it. Improvements in our ability to quantify treatment outcomes must continue to impact our success as we overlay polished structures on foundational principles that we know work. For Origins Behavioral HealthCare, this means an enduring commitment to the spiritual bedrock of 12-Step recovery in accordance with a fearless dedication to addiction science and research. These pillars of success will enhance our ability to stand confidently with families as we support the recovery of their loved ones.

From all of us at Origins, best wishes, and Happy New Year!

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