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Mindfulness In Every Day Living


Everyone could use to be more mindful in their daily lives. Mindfulness is a common prescription these days, appearing in studies, new therapeutic approaches, and spiritual, as well as self-help guides all of the time. Some have called mindfulness the buzzword of the decade due to its popularity as well as its controversy. Though mindfulness is nothing like a miracle diet, it has been compared to a “miracle” cure for a number of issues, including addiction. However, there is nothing miraculous about the simple practice of mindfulness. There is, on the other hand, a plentitude of science that does and does not back up mindfulness, just as science tends to do. What does exist, are a number of people over the course of many years who have tremendously benefitted by incorporating mindfulness into their lives. Mindfulness improves focus, mood, clarity, and stress management. Cellularly, mindfulness reduces inflammation, which improves the functioning of the immune system and creates a healthier body overall by strengthening it to fight against disease or illness. All of these benefits come from mindfulness, the easy practice of noticing, paying attention, and being aware.

Mindfulness does not have to be a dedicated practice that sustains us throughout the day. On the contrary, mindfulness is a series of practices that we can spread throughout our day.

Mindfulness On The Road

Have you ever had the experience of driving from Point A to Point B and not knowing how you got there? The next time you are driving, try to be conscious of your driving. Look at your surroundings and try to find something new. Have you noticed a changing billboard? The color of a building? The way the hillsides change with the weather?

Mindfulness At The Store

Mindfulness can be an extremely helpful tool when spending money. We can be prone to impulsive shopping and quick responses without considering our money. Bringing awareness into our shopping, we can take a deep breath, focus on our priorities, and feel through our feelings about the purchases we are going to make. What do we need? What do we want? What makes us experience stress? What makes us feel calm and confident?

Mindfulness In Conversation

Our ego makes it easy for us to get swept up into ourselves and not consider what might be going on in the mind of someone else. By being mindful in conversation, we can remember that it isn’t all about us and that we can be compassionate or empathetic toward others.


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