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Borderline Personality Disorder

Origins has over 35 years of experience treating people with Borderline Personality Disorder

Origins Behavioral Healthcare: Borderline Personality Disorder
Origins Behavioral Healthcare: Borderline Personality Disorder


Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a psychological disorder that affects how you feel and think about yourself and can disrupt daily functions. Borderline personality disorder is characterized by difficulty controlling your emotions and behavior, issues with your self-image, and a pattern of unstable relationships. The onset of this disorder typically occurs during early adulthood. It can be more acute in young adults and may gradually improve with age.

If you are a person with BPD, you may fear abandonment or instability and may find it difficult to tolerate being alone. You may find that anger, impulsiveness, and mood swings drive others away even when you want lasting, loving relationships. Luckily, a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder doesn’t have to stand in your way—BPD recovery is possible.

Borderline personality disorder is treatable, and you can go on to live a fulfilling and happy life.

Multidisciplinary Treatment is Key

Through our robust, multidisciplinary approach, Origins has been treating people with mental health and co-occurring disorders, such as BPD, for more than 35 years. Our integrated treatment model provides the necessary therapeutic resources to help you heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Our treatment teams attend to your physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual needs. Our highly trained staff — from medical professionals to licensed therapists and psychiatrists — meet daily to discuss your case and collaborate on solutions. This integrated treatment model has been proven to improve outcomes and quality of life.

BPD Recovery and Treatment Planning Based on Rigorous Assessment

As someone with borderline personality disorder, you deserve an individualized treatment plan. Origins provides comprehensive treatment plans that consider every aspect of your well-being: body, mind, and spirit.

At Origins, we support you as you participate in comprehensive behavioral health assessments to ensure that all your mental health problems are diagnosed and treated. This rigorous approach extends to every level of care we offer, both residential and outpatient. Along with clinical interviews and sessions with your primary therapist, these thorough assessments provide a framework for a truly customized treatment plan to meet your unique needs.

Your comprehensive treatment plan for borderline personality disorder recovery may include the following:

BPD and Addiction

Research has found that anywhere between 65% and 90% of patients with a substance use problem have at least one co-occurring personality disorder. There appears to be a high degree of overlap between these conditions, as disorders such as BPD are more likely to make you act compulsively.

Alcohol and other drug misuse do not cause personality disorders, but addiction and borderline personality disorder co-occur at a high rate. These two co-occurring disorders must be treated simultaneously, in the same location, and by the same treatment team to be effective. Our expertly trained professionals have decades of experience in BPD recovery and addiction treatment, and we help you address co-occurring disorders through multidisciplinary, medically intensive programming.

Origins’ Center for Brain Recovery

Brain health and emotional health are wholly interrelated. In Florida, the Origins’ Center for Brain Recovery (CBR) is an innovative program that addresses brain health with targeted, evidence-based therapies. The CBR program was specifically designed to give you a better chance at finding long-term wellness. Along with interventions such as neurofeedback, biofeedback, meditation training, and Brainspotting, we provide in-depth testing to rule out various co-occurring disorders and help you develop a plan for treating borderline personality disorder.

We offer rigorous psychological testing CBR in Florida, tests such as:

  • Central Nervous System Vital Signs (CNS VS)
  • Personality Inventory for DSM-5 – Brief Form (PID-5-BF)
  • PsychEval Personality Questionnaire (PEPQ)
  • Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPI-2)

Learn more about the Origins Center for Brain Recovery here.

Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms

Borderline personality disorder can have a profound effect on your emotions, your relationships, and your behavior.

Symptoms and signs of BPD include the following:

  • An acute fear of being abandoned that may lead to extreme measures to avoid rejection or separation
  • A tendency towards intensifying or destabilizing relationships, such as idealizing someone one moment and believing they don’t care the next
  • Rapid changes in goals or values
  • Self-image and self-identity changes
  • Stress-related paranoia and dissociation from reality that lasts for several minutes to several hours
  • Risky behavior that may include driving recklessly, engaging in dangerous sexual activities, binge eating, substance use, excessive spending sprees, or sabotaging your own success
  • Self-injurious or suicidal behavior based on the fear of separation or rejection
  • Mood swings like intense joy, shame, anger, or anxiety that can last several hours or even days
  • Emptiness and feelings of unworthiness
  • Anger that is expressed inappropriately, such as often losing your temper, being bitter or sarcastic, or getting into a physical confrontation

Additionally, you may turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with your BPD symptoms. While these short-term fixes may appear to work, they could cause a substance use disorder and other problems in the long run.

Discover a Path Forward with BPD Recovery

While there is no cure for any mental health disorder, including borderline personality disorder, many individuals go on to lead incredible lives filled with hope and courage after completing treatment. Personalized, intensive, and integrated treatment is the key. BPD recovery depends on your mental, physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being, and Origins is here to provide the care and compassion you need to find healing. Reach out to find a nearby Origins treatment center in Florida or Texas today. Call 561-841-1296.

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