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Meet Hanley Center’s New Executive Director

Posted on May 18, 2017

Brad Sylvain, MPA, CAP – Executive Director

Brad brings nearly a decade of mental health and substance use disorder treatment experience to his role as Executive Director of Hanley Center. As the former Corporate Director of Admissions, he was responsible for most appropriately placing patients in treatment programs, either within the Origins’ continuum or with another provider. Brad is skilled at managing and collaborating with organizational teams, as well as providing administrative and operational oversight. Brad holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration and is a Certified Addiction Professional. Brad and his family have been personally affected by drug and alcohol addiction; he is passionate about helping others who have also been affected by this disease. In Brad’s personal journey of recovery, he lives by the driving forces of spirituality and the 12 Steps. He enjoys spending time with his family, watching football and playing golf, and Brad is artistically skilled at cooking barbeque.

What excites you most about your new role as Executive Director of Hanley Center At Origins?

I am excited about the opportunity to work with our diverse team and deliver quality programming with a strong backbone of 12 Step philosophy. Ultimately, the goal in treatment is to inspire patients to find a better way of life and to help them to become men and women of character and purpose. While many people entering treatment at Origins’ facilities have preconceived notions about the efficacy of the 12 Steps, what we hear most frequently is that the message we carry is unlike any they have heard in previous attempts at recovery. Our entire team is dedicated to using every medical, clinical and spiritual intervention at our disposal to help us deliver the principles of the 12 Steps in a way that is inspired wholeheartedly by the original 12 Step recovery text. This vital approach is refreshing, and when bolstered by outcomes-informed clinical and medical interventions, it is life changing.

Why do you think the integration of clinical, medical and spiritual services is important to recovery?

Not only do I think the integration is important – I think it is imperative. In my experience, this integration is the missing ingredient in a lot of treatment approaches. As an organization, we believe that addiction is a disease of mind, body and spirit. As someone in long term recovery, I am honored to work with an organization whose beliefs align perfectly with my own. Our collective hope is that when we are more integrated in the way we treat this as a disease of mind, body and spirit, we can make a greater impression on the problem of addiction as a whole. In my opinion, any picture of treatment which leaves out any of these critical components is limited in its ability to effectively treat addiction.

What have you learned through your experience working in treatment?

I have learned that nobody is worth giving up on and that no matter the circumstance, age, or situation of the patient we should provide them with the best possible plan for success.

What do you love about Origins?

What’s not to love? I love that we are confident in our beliefs: we are an abstinence-based, 12 Step supportive, spiritually driven treatment center – and believe that men and women can recover from addiction. This speaks to who I am as a person. I love that we are not afraid to ask our patients tough questions, that we are not afraid to talk about developing a relationship with a Higher Power, and that we are willing to stand firm against the disease of addiction.

Tell us something about Brad that we don’t already know?

Most people know that I love barbecue, but I feel strongly that I should still mention that in this spotlight. I love getting to BBQ for our annual alumni reunion and have been doing so for the pasts years. (By the way, the best rib I have ever eaten was in Fort Worth, Texas at HHHs. If you’re there, stop by and eat a few in my honor.)