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Make The Most Of Meditation

Posted on April 18, 2019

Make The Most Of Meditation

Meditation can and will change our lives with regular practice.

To make the most of our meditation time, we need only to follow a few simple suggestions.

Set A Meditation Time

Meditation is an “any time” practice – you can practice meditation in any way you want, any time of day, as long as you take a few moments to be present and drop into your breath. However, some opinions lean toward a more regimented meditation practice, suggesting that a ritual of meditation can help build healthy patterns in the brain. Setting a time to meditate that is the same from one day to the next primes your brain, builds neural pathways, and helps you create more of a routine around your meditation practice.

Try To Meditate The Same Time Every Day

If you meditate the same time every day, you’re going to notice the days when you don’t meditate at the same time. Your brain becomes accustomed to the practice and readies itself for meditation, craving the benefits of taking time to get quiet, get centered, and find peace.

Take “One Minute” Breathing Breaks Throughout The Day

Meditation practices are beneficial in as little as 5-10 minutes. As your meditation practice grows in time and consistency, you’ll find that you want to, as well as need to, get quiet more often, connect with your breath more often, and take a minute to get present. Throughout the day, take one-minute meditation breaks to focus on your breath, close your eyes, and create a moment of peace. You’ll find it helps sustain the benefits of meditation, regardless of what comes your way throughout the day.

Find A Quiet Place To Meditate

In an ideal world, meditation can take place anytime, anywhere, under any condition. But unless your life is devoted to your meditation practice, chances are you will need quiet to meditation efficiently, as many people do. Put on some headphones and calming music to create a sacred space, or find a quiet space to practice meditation. Over time, you won’t be as affected by your surroundings. Guided meditations can help you focus on specific sounds rather than be distracted by all the sounds around you.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Meditation is often made out to be an entirely serious practice with all of the quiet, focus, and regimentation. If anything, meditation helps us recognize our humility, humbly reminding us that we are but human beings. Don’t take meditation too seriously and don’t take yourself too seriously either.



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