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About Our Family Programs

Origins Behavioral HealthCare’s Family Drug Programs have been a leader in the field of caring for the families of clients in addiction treatment and recovery programs. Our program is based on the knowledge that a patient’s prospects for sustained recovery are improved significantly when the family is involved in treatment.

In many cases, the patient has lost close relationships with children, parents, grandchildren and other family members who have turned away because of the overwhelming frustrations concerning their loved one’s addiction. Some family members may react negatively to problems caused by their loved one’s addiction without realizing that the problems are signs of substance abuse. Substance use disorder robs people of health and connections to others.

Origins’ Family Program offers a multi-day immersion in education about the disease of addiction and how it affects the entire family.

  • In a confidential group environment, the family system will receive a new perspective regarding how to best cope with the challenges of addiction recovery and how to heal and regain a sense of better life.
  • Support through discussions with others in a safe, supportive environment is helpful and emotionally therapeutic.
  • The program encourages and guides honest and healing communication between family members and loved ones.
  • During the Five-Day Family Program at Hanley Center at Origins in Florida and the four-day Origins’ Family Healing Program™ in Texas various approaches will help families understand addiction and begin to identify the dynamics within the family that may contribute to ongoing addiction.

The Family Program becomes a lifeline to resources for recovery support. The Family Program is offered free of charge to all families of patients in Origins treatment programs.

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