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Windhaven House – Women’s Transitional Sober Living

Windhaven House provides comprehensive recovery support for women who desire sober transitional living after primary treatment. Windhaven House offers the highest level of care and accountability for long-term extended care and sober living. We provide a dual-diagnosis program to address addiction that is immersive and dynamic. Residents feel met right where they are in their lives and gain practical coping skills for constructing healthy relationships and maintaining healthy boundaries.

Discover and Thrive in a Recovery That Lasts

Our focus is on helping our residents stay sober and reintegrate safely into society by enhancing life skills development. Because addiction is a disease of isolation, our program centers on community, and Windhaven House residents are introduced to Dallas’s vibrant recovery community.

Learn and Develop Skills to Help Achieve Your Dreams

Windhaven House is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We offer individualized case management, ensuring that each resident receives personalized care. We believe that women need more than just support; they also need time to start living differently. Our extended care program allows clients to apply what they have learned in treatment while incorporating the 12-Step principles into their everyday lives within a supportive environment.

Our Staff Walks with Residents Every Step of the Way

At Windhaven House, we formulate a recovery plan with each resident individually, where we look at family systems, underlying trauma, relapse history, and current relationships. We strive to empower, inspire, and equip adult women to recover from all types of co-occurring mental health disorders.

Outpatient Care That Works for Women

All residents attend the Women’s-Only Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at  Origins Counseling Dallas, designed to inspire a new vision for living with empowerment, including the tools to make this dream a reality. Our tailored approach to assessment and treatment provides personalized care that considers each woman’s unique strengths and challenges.

Women often face concerns and pressures that can complicate other mental health conditions, including addiction, such as abuse, codependency, and motherhood. Our masters-level female therapists at Origins Counseling Dallas understand the distinct challenges that women face during recovery. We provide a harmonious therapeutic environment where women can explore their emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of health in a safe setting.

Holistic Healing For Women

At Origins Counseling Dallas, we help patients heal invisible emotional wounds and strengthen their spirituality with deep compassion. Many of our women’s IOP program guests share that they have not felt a real sense of safety in a very long time. We empower women to feel safe and free to recover in peace, without external pressures or distractions. We hope that each patient will reconnect with their authentic selves and focus on personal fulfillment and sobriety.

All underlying issues are addressed in IOP with highly trained clinicians. Residents attend individual sessions once a week and IOP three times per week. Additionally, we have two specific groups, where Windhaven Housemates are encouraged to hold their peers accountable. Once residents have completed IOP, they continue to see a counselor and attend groups each week at Origins Counseling Dallas.

Family Is a Key Component of Our Work

Origins Counseling Dallas also offers Windhaven House residents both family therapy and family education programs. Our beautiful residential space provides the best place to address family issues, continue personal development, and work toward independence.

Our Windhaven House staff members are committed to this vision as they foster a nurturing and compassionate transitional sober living environment by respecting the principles of honesty, accountability, and responsibility. Our team works to help young women build a foundation of sobriety, develop a sense of community, impart life skills to nurture growth and development in recovery, and ultimately become the women they were meant to be.

Please contact Windhaven House for more information about how our sober living program can help you achieve and maintain lasting sobriety. Call 561-841-1296.

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