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Women’s Facility

Hannah’s House by Origins Behavioral HealthCare® in South Padre Island, Texas.

Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment – By Women, Exclusively for Women
Hannah’s House is a unique boutique program designed exclusively for women combining extraordinary living accommodations with sophisticated clinical and medical care. They maintain an entirely female staff.
Comprehensive Healing  

Origins’ programs for women offer comprehensive healing. Designed with love, care and clinical sophistication, each provides a truly nurturing environment where women can safely and comfortably recover from their alcohol and drug addiction challenges under the supervision of expert physicians, compassionate nurses, gifted therapists, and hand-picked support staff dedicated to the recovery process.


In so many aspects, the needs of women are completely different and distinct from that of men and nowhere is this more evident than within the recovery process. Women are much more likely to have been the victims of trauma, abuse or neglect than their male counterparts, which is precisely why our programs use evidence-based, trauma-informed treatment curriculums that are individualized to meet the needs of every woman who seeks refuge and recovery at Origins.

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) – An integrative psychotherapy approach that has been extensively researched and proven effective for the treatment of trauma
  • Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy – Therapy which helps people learn how their thoughts color and can actually change their feelings and behaviors
  • Motivational Interviewing – A goal-oriented, patient-centered counseling style for eliciting behavior change
  • Psychodrama – Psychotherapy in which patients use role playing to investigate and gain insight into their lives
  • Equine Therapy – A form of experiential therapy that involves interactions between patients and horses
  • 12-Step Immersion – An emphasis on the 12-Step experience where patient do more than learn about the 12-Steps; they have an authentic, personal experience with them.


Medical and Clinical Expertise 
The Hannah’s House program leverages Origins’ legacy of superb medical and clinical expertise including psychiatry, pharmacology, psychotherapy, medical supervision and nursing, physical fitness, along with 12-Step expertise and guidance. In addition to individualized intensive clinical treatment, each  patient enjoys a personal wellness encounters with Origins’ physicians, physician’s assistants and nurses.
Origins’ Unique Blend of Services, Designed with Women in Mind


This program harmonize the latest advances in addiction medicine and evidence-based therapeutic interventions with an immersion in the ageless 12-Step experience. It is designed for the woman with unresolved trauma and outstanding co-occurring disorders to help patients heal long-standing wounds while they learn to live on a spiritual basis of life through the 12-Steps. Each case manager is an experienced, masters-level therapist trained in treating addiction and dual diagnoses including sexual and physical trauma, co-occurring eating disorders, self-harm, body-image issues and other challenges commonly facing addicted women.

Many of the guests of Hannah’s House by Origins share that they have not felt truly safe in a very long time. Origins exudes the love and healing energy to empower a woman to feel safe and free to recover in peace; in this way, she may reconnect with her authentic self.

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