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Origins Recovery Center

Surrounded by the natural beauty of the ocean, Origins Recovery Center offers a tropical and tranquil environment for men to experience the vital process of recovery. Located minutes from white-sand beaches, Origins Recovery Center is set in a gorgeous, former luxury resort. Fountains and beautiful foliage envelop the property, and the courtyard setting ensures a calm, private and secure place for patients to begin their journey to wellness.

Gender-Separate Men’s Recovery

Origins Recovery Center’s gender-separate treatment philosophy is based on professional experience and clinical data that support the separation of males and females into their own milieus as a way to substantially improve outcomes. This focused environment creates an atmosphere of equality and support where men are able to improve how they relate to each other, learn to model acceptable behaviors, and participate in a sense of camaraderie that is lacking during active addiction.

Origins’ Team Approach

A multidisciplinary approach to treatment allows Origins’ diverse team of medical and clinical professionals to effectively treat addictive illness and dual diagnoses. At Origins, coexisting problems such as depression and anxiety are treated simultaneously along with addiction to optimize successful outcomes. Origins places each patient at the center of a dynamic treatment team capable of meeting the clinical, medical, psychological and spiritual needs of each patient.

Key Components of Origins Recovery Center’s Treatment Services Include:

A Seamless Continuum of Care

Origins believes in treating addiction like any other chronic illness; that means ensuring our patients are appropriately supported into the future. Origins Recovery Center’s team provides a variety of post-discharge recovery support options and works with reputable therapists, 12-Step contacts, addiction physicians and others to build a constellation of alumni support services.

Highly-Individualized, Longer-Term Treatment

Beginning with 30, 60 or 90 days of highly-individualized inpatient treatment, designed for individuals with a history of relapse and complexity, our programs are for sufferers and families who know they need more than the traditional 28-day model.

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