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Amenities at South Padre Island

In addition to the luxurious accommodations of Origins Recovery Center our men’s facility and Hannah’s House our women’s facility on South Padre Island, Texas, a number of amenities are available via both programs:

Gourmet MenusORC Cantina Tabel Setting

Nutrition is an important aspect of treatment at Origins where we are known for our outstanding cuisine. When active in addiction, addicts and alcoholics practice notoriously poor eating habits. Our nourishing menus are specially designed by a licensed nutritionist to help our patients return to health while providing them with opportunities to learn about proper nutrition and diet. Our guests regularly enjoy a variety of fantastic cuisine prepared by a professional chef and kitchen staff.

Adventure and Experiential Therapies

Origins Recovery Centers offer patients many opportunities to explore the unknown in safe environments through adventurous activities. This cognitive-behavioral-affective therapeutic approach utilizes experience and action. Change is enacted through the strategic use of cooperative games, trust activities, problem solving initiatives, animal-assisted experiences, high-adventure, and outdoors pursuits. Origins patients are never asked to challenge themselves beyond their own personal physical abilities.

Weight Training and Exercise Facilities

Addiction and alcoholism punish the sufferer’s body, mind and spirit therefore it is critically important to address all three while in recovery. During treatment, Origins helps patients begin to heal their bodies from the neglect and abuse suffered during active addiction. Each day at Origins, patients are asked to participate in some form of physical activity such as yoga, volleyball, weight training, swimming (pool and ocean), beach running and more. Our weight training gym has numerous free weights, machine-based weights, bench-based weights and elliptical machines for low-impact workouts.


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