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Origins South Padre Island —Licensed Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers in South Texas

Origins South Padre is dedicated to providing safe and beautiful environments for your healing process of recovery. Our facilities on South Padre Island, Texas, offer you a host of amenities in a serene coastal location.

Men’s Treatment Center in South Texas

Surrounded by the natural beauty of the ocean, Origins Recovery Center offers a tropical and tranquil environment for you or your loved one to experience recovery with the help of our dedicated clinical team. Located minutes from white-sand beaches, Origins Recovery Center in South Padre is set in a gorgeous former luxury resort. Beach walks, recreational therapy , and occasional play in the surf enrich your connection with the healing forces of nature.

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Women’s Treatment Center in South Texas

Hannah’s House on South Padre Island, designed exclusively for women, combines extraordinary bayside living accommodations with sophisticated clinical and medical care. Hannah’s House is a women’s addiction treatment center and is completely separate from the Origins’ men’s treatment campus.

It maintains a team of caring professionals offering you unmatched care in women‘s addiction recovery.

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Nestled beachside and bayside, respectively, on beautiful South Padre Island, Texas, both Origins Recovery Center and Hannah’s House by Origins offer luxurious accommodations for our patients. You have the option to arrive from a variety of U.S. and international locations to receive the extraordinary care provided at our resort-grade campuses.

Recognized as two of the premier rehab centers in Texas, both Origins’ facilities offer patient-driven care. We deliver individualized, longer-term, gender-separate treatment experiences that holistically nurture your mind, body, and spirit in the transformative process of recovery.

Origins South Padre Island –Main Administrative Offices
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Amenities at South Padre Island

In addition to the luxurious accommodations of Origins Recovery Center and Hannah’s House, a number of amenities are available to you via both programs:

Gourmet Menus

Nutrition is an important aspect of treatment at Origins, and we are known for our outstanding cuisine. When active in addiction, notoriously poor eating habits are common. A licensed nutritionist specially designs our nourishing menus to help you return to health while providing opportunities to learn about proper nutrition and diet.

Weight Training and Exercise Facilities

Addiction and alcoholism punish your body, mind, and spirit. Therefore, it is critically important to address all three while you are in recovery. During treatment, Origins helps you begin to heal your body from the neglect suffered during your active addiction.

Each day at Origins, you are asked to participate in some form of physical activity such as yoga, , weight training, swimming (pool and ocean), beach walks, and more. Our weight training gym has numerous free weights, machine-based weights, bench-based weights, and elliptical machines for low-impact workouts.

If you or a loved one  are struggling with addiction, our team on South Padre Island is here to help. Call us today at 561-841-1296. Our admissions team is available 24/7.