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Learning To Take A Deep Breath

Posted on April 5, 2019

Learning To Take A Deep Breath

Check in to your breathing, right this moment.

When was the last time you consciously forced yourself to become conscious of your breath or your breathing? You might be startled to find that your breathing is so shallow it hardly feels like you are breathing at all. You might be breathing quickly for no reason. Our breath continues whether we are conscious or unconscious of our breathing. However, our breath changes the more conscious we become about our breathing. The very instant that we tune into our breath, something in our breathing changes. We take a deep breath, stretching our lungs, then we let out a big grumbly exhale, making our breath known to us. As we let our exhale out, we notice that our muscles release some of their tension, our mind clears up, and we become more connected to the present moment. The paradox is never lost on the human mind and body- it isn’t until we notice our breath that we can be mindful of our breath and in being more mindful of our breath, we can notice our breath more often.

Learning to take a deep breath is something everyone in life could benefit from doing, not just those of us who are seeking a life recovered from active drug and alcohol addiction. For those of us who are recovered, taking a deep breath can be the single second moment of relief we need during a day. If at least once a day we can think of our breath, tune in, and consciously take a deep breath, our lives would be infinitely enhanced. Deep breathing is one of the core parts of meditation which are proven to improve health and wellbeing- oxygen is healthy for the brain, the muscles, and many systems in the body. Focused breathing creates more grey matter in the brain which makes room for new synapses and new knowledge to be formed.

Taking a deep breath is about more than calming down or becoming present.

Connecting to the breath is our way of connecting to life as a whole, which is part of our purpose in getting and staying sober.

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