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Adult Marijuana Abuse

Marijuana use and abuse is climbing among adults, often in combination with alcohol. Many adults feel that the drug is harmless and should be broadly legalized, but marijuana is not a harmless drug. It is addictive and carries mental and physical health risks.

Physical and mental health risks of marijuana abuse:

  • Smoking pot increases heart rate and can cause serious respiratory problems
  • Physical coordination and judgment may be impaired with marijuana use
  • Smoking pot exacerbates mental health issues
  • Continued use can cause lingering memory loss, paranoia and anxiety

What are users really smoking? 

Because marijuana is generally illegal and unregulated, there is no way of knowing what it really is. The shredded cannabis that is smoked in a joint, bong (water pipe) or blunt (hollowed-out cigar) contains more THC, the active ingredient of marijuana, than it did in the ’80s. Instead of 2-3 percent, THC now accounts for 9-10 percent of the mixture. Hashish is a more concentrated form of the drug and often causes hallucinations.