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I’ve spent many years trying to find a solution to my alcoholism and drug addiction, including 6 times in treatment. Like most chronic relapses, I’ve had some horrid experiences in treatment. I’ve been told things like “just love yourself sober,” “just think the drink,” or “therapy will fix everything.” Through all of those experiences, I was never challenged or told the truth.

I walked into Origins Recovery Center (ORC) for the first time, and I had an absolutely wonderful experience. I learned a ton about myself and the 12 Step program, along with viable therapeutic tools. I had never felt so loved and connected until I joined the Origins Family. Unfortunately, I did not heed the suggestions of their team, and inevitably, I relapsed. The love they extended to me in helping me get back to ORC a second time was profound. I walked in a second time willing to do whatever they told me. Dope had finally beaten me into a state of reasonableness.

That was November 22, 2013, and today, by the grace of God, the Twelve Steps, and the amazing people of ORC, I stand here a free man. Origins Recovery center holds a VERY special place in my heart. They helped me break through the main barriers that were blocking me from a relationship with a loving God of my understanding.

I will forever be grateful to ORC and the amazing people God placed to work there.


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