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Origins: A Guiding Light for Families

After 10 years of living in Los Angeles and 20 years of working in addiction treatment, I moved back to Texas in 2008. I had grown weary in the direction addiction treatment had taken so decided to open a private practice. One day, I reluctantly agreed to meet a young man who wanted to tell me about his new treatment center on South Padre Island.  I decided to give him 15 minutes of my time (or perhaps 30 minutes if he brought food or took me to lunch). That day I was presented with the inspired vision for Origins’ treatment programs.

Origins was built on the vision of treatment which returned to the Origins of recovery where clinical, medical, and psychological services would be immersed in the spirituality of the 12 Steps.

From day one, the hope was that we could incubate a spiritual experience for clients in our care. I joined this vision and set up the Family Program for Origins Recovery Center on South Padre Island, which I continue to facilitate.  Last year, we had over 500 people go through the family program in South Padre Island. The transformation and healing that has taken place within those families has been incredible to watch.

Having come from an alcoholic home, being recovered from alcoholism myself and being codependent in an alcoholic marriage, healing families is the focus on my work.

Origins came out of pain within the Levenson family and hope for families in recovery. Because Origins birth was a very personal journey for the Levenson family, selling Origins could only occur when they met a family who shared the same vision, integrity and dedication to healing individuals and families. We have found that in the Rowling family.

Origins original vision will continue to be a guiding light as Origins grows. Our outstanding Family Program will continue to give hope to those facing the family disease of addiction.

Jeanie Griffin, D.D, LPC, MFT, LCDC – Former Director of Family Programs at Origins

PastedGraphic-1Jeanie Griffin is a licensed psychotherapist and treatment program consultant living in Los Angeles, CA. Her work combines the traditional 12 step approach to addiction treatment with clinical and non alternative forms of healing, in an effort to assist in physical, psychological and emotional healing of the person and spiritual transformation of the spirit or soul. With licenses in Texas and California and over 25 years experience working in the addiction field, she has been clinical director of treatment programs, faculty member at UCLA addiction counselor training program, private practice therapist, clinical consultant to treatment programs, facilitator and developer of family programs and spiritual director. She enjoys 30 yrs of sobriety, has learned to laugh and experience joy in sobriety and makes sure she spends times watching ants and other crawly things with her 4 yr old twin grandsons. Mr. Dickens the Delightful Dog rules her with an iron fist.

Jeanie Griffin is also shamanic practitioner, healer and retreat facilitator whose services include non-traditional spiritual alternatives to a variety of life challenges, including cancer, soul loss and addiction. With a Master’s degree in Substance Abuse and Mental Health Counseling and licenses in marriage and family therapy and addiction counseling, Jeanie is qualified to blend healing practices of the modern and ancient worlds.

Jeanie is no longer with Team Origins and now operates a private practice in California.

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